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Comprehensive Data Storage & Archive Storage Solutions

The government requires the archiving and preservation of specific records for a predetermined amount of time, which can cause serious storage problems for a lot of businesses. Fortunately, Essex Removal Service & Co. offers a solution for archive storage that will lessen the strain on companies to keep such information on-site.

Our cutting-edge archive storage facility in Essex offers plenty of room for companies of all sizes to safely keep sensitive data for as long as they need. In order to ensure that your documents are returned to you safely when needed, our team can also provide a quick and reasonably priced delivery service throughout the Southeast.

Improve the Running of your Office With Archive Storage in Essex

Having an organised workstation has several benefits. It can reduce health and safety risks for workers, clients, and site visitors in addition to being beneficial for productivity. Keeping your sensitive information and significant documents in a safe archive storage facility can also lessen the possibility of a security breach or the loss of crucial papers. Our dependable and well-organised archive storage solution at Essex Removal Service & Co. is made to keep your papers safe and secure until you need them again.

As one of the most reliable removal companies in Essex, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses organise their office space, improving workflow and ensuring the area is clutter-free. Our expert team will organise everything, from retrieving your documents to packing and transporting them at a time that suits you. And with several options available, you’ll have easy access to all of your items for both short-term or long-term storage.

Keeping your data safe is our top priority

Record keeping is an intrinsic part of any business. However, over time, records, archives and data can overwhelm your working spaces. If your company is searching for safe and secure data storage and archive storage then Essex Removal Service & Co can provide a range of solutions. Our team will work with you to find a comprehensive storage option that fits your circumstances perfectly.

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Keep Your Sensitive Data Secure with Archive Storage

You never know when you might need to access data from the past, which is why you can’t simply throw old files away when you need to clear up space in your office. Plus, you have a duty to protect your customers and employees, meaning you can’t let anybody without permission read documents containing sensitive data. Fortunately, if you need to know that your files are protected at all times, you can take advantage of archive storage in Essex, Romford and Collier Row by Essex Removal Service & Co.

Our facility is packed full of security enhancements, ranging from onsite staff to CCTV systems, and we allow you to access your files whenever required. Whether you just need to store your documents for a week while relocating or for years until all your data is digitised, you can trust us for archive storage in Collier Row, Romford and Essex.

“Right from the start, we were very impressed with the way your representatives dealt with us. They were both extremely helpful and polite and took great care to cover carpets and doorways so there was no damage to woodwork or furniture being moved. What really impressed us was their willingness to move furniture around until it was positioned correctly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone and told all the friends I have left behind me how good you are. It is not easy to move when you are a pensioner but your lads took the stress away.”

–  Gloria Stephens

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There’s no need to let old files clutter up your office when you can take advantage of affordable but reliable archive storage in Romford, Collier Row and Essex. If you want to learn more about our security features or would like to obtain a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01708 722 277.

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