Frequently Asked Questions


What is provided in a removals service?

A removals service will generally provide you with all the moving, storage and shipping that you need to transport your belongings safely to their new destination. Depending on the removals service package you choose, you can expect a professional team to package up all your belongings the day before your move, transport your items securely and then unpack them and get them set up once you’re in your new home.

When should you contact a house moving company?

Planning is key when it comes to moving. You should contact a house moving company in good time if you want to be sure that they will have availability for your chosen date. Ideally you should contact a house moving company at least a month in advance of the date that you want to move.

 What services does a removal company provide?

Domestic removals is the most common service that you can expect from a removal company. A removal company is likely to include the transportation of your furniture, personal belongings, white goods, fragile items and any other household items from your old house to your new home using appropriate packaging supplies. During a move, a professional removal company will ensure that your belongings are handled and transported safely, securely and on time.

What services does a storage company provide?

A storage company will provide different types of storage depending on your need.  One type of storage is container storage which allows you to store excess furniture or baggage for a temporary period of time. Alternatively a storage company may also provide other services such as archive storage which is more commonly used by commercial businesses.

Will house movers dismantle furniture for you?

When you hire house movers, you can tailor the move to suit your individual needs. If you have furniture that you will struggle to dismantle yourself, you can ask that the house movers help you by dismantling the furniture. Often they will also reassemble it for you once it has been transported to its new destination.

What services does an office moving company provide?

An office moving company will provide a variety of services to ensure that your office move is as worry free as possible. A good office moving company will provide the following services:

  • Packing and unpacking of office items
  • Dismantling and reassembling of office furniture
  • Secure transportation of documents
  • Safe transportation of office furniture

How long does office relocation typically take?

Office relocations are common for growth or for downsizing so the length of time that it takes will depend on what the scale of the office location is. For example, if an office has grown and is moving to a new, bigger office then this is likely to take longer than moving somewhere smaller. Typically though an office relocation will take between 1-2 weeks.

When would you need to hire a commercial removals service?

When you move offices it can be a challenging time for your company.  To make the move as stress free as possible its best to use commercial removals service. A commercial removals service will ensure that a team of dedicated movers help small and large businesses to relocate safely and securely to their new destination.

Does piano removal damage the piano?

When thinking about piano removals, it’s important to remember that a piano is not just like any piece of furniture – it’s an expensive and delicate musical instrument that can be easily damaged during a move. A piano may have high monetary or sentimental value so hiring professional piano removal specialists is the best way to protect yourself and the piano. Contact us directly for a quote to discuss your needs.

How does a piano moving company move a piano?

A piano removal company will use specialist techniques and equipment to move the piano. As pianos are heavy and fragile, it is always best to use a professional piano moving company to move your piano rather than trying to do it yourself, as this is more likely to cause damage to the piano or injury to yourself.

How do long distance removals work?

A long distance removals company supports individuals who are moving abroad with various different moving services. These include packing services, long-term storage solutions and overseas shipping.

What are self storage containers used for?

Self storage containers can be extremely useful as a storage solution for excess possessions. For example, you may have a growing family or find that you have inherited some furniture that does not fit in your home. Self storage containers are a great option to provide extra space.

How is archive storage different from other storage?

Record keeping is a necessary part of any business, however eventually records and data can overwhelm your working environment. Archive storage provides a solution by allowing sensitive data and important documents to be stored securely. Archive storage will usually have increased security compared to other types of storage due to the sensitive nature of the documents that are stored.

What packing supplies do I need for my move?

There are four types of packing service available: platinum, gold, silver or bronze and each come with different types of packing supplies. Generally the packing supplies you will need for your move will be:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper
  • Labels