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3 Organisational Tips for Your Office Move

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3 Organisational Tips for Your Office Move

Moving office can really be a stressful and nerve-wracking undertaking! Office moves require you to contend with completely different items and administrative tasks to those required by domestic moves, and it’s possible that this will be your first – and only – office relocation.

Needing to be organised is always a given when it comes to moving, regardless of the property type. Here’s Essex Removals with a few organisational tips you can follow to ensure that your office move runs as smoothly as possible.

Work out what you’ll need

You will probably need as much help as you can get when it comes to packing and moving, whether that’s from employees, friends and family, or a professional removals company. Determine what resources you’re likely to need early on, and be realistic – you don’t want to realise halfway through the process that you’ve hugely underestimated how much assistance you needed.

You’ll also need to work out what packing materials and how much of them you will need. A removals service may be able to provide you with all the necessary packing materials at no extra cost – some of them may even offer a packing service.

If you are using a commercial removals service, think about your precise requirements. How many removals people will you require? What size removals vehicles will you need? How many will you need? Will you need to organise temporary storage for some items?

Become familiar with your new location

It’s important you get to know your new location. You should visit the new office space before moving day and make a comprehensive floor plan, outlining where you’d like desks, communal spaces, individual offices, and any other furniture to be set up.

You could also assign desks and offices to employees or teams prior to moving day so that everyone knows where to put or set up their own stuff before they arrive. This can help to keep the office space calm and organised on the day and save the move co-ordinator from having to answer employees’ questions all day long.

Employee involvement

Your employees will want and need to know as many details about the move as possible. You should ensure that they remain well-informed throughout the process – you could create a ‘moving guide’ to help with this, or send out weekly emails updating them on the relocation’s progress.

If you’ve decided not to hire a professional removals company, it might also be an idea to set up a rota or sign-up sheet for people to volunteer to help out with the moving process. Employees with cars and vans will come in very handy when the time comes to move your business’ items to the new location.

At Essex Removals, we’ve helped many businesses move to their new office location with ease. With us by your side, we’ll ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible with professional services that work for you and your business. If you need a removals company you can rely on, get in touch with us today.


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