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5 Things to Consider in an Overseas Move

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5 Things to Consider in an Overseas Move

Moving overseas can be quite an endeavour. There are so many things to consider and the actual move can be particularly stressful. While it’s exciting to take up residence in another country, you have to make sure everything is in order before you leave. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your move goes smoothly.

1. Plan Everything Down to the Last Detail

If you’re just moving to another part of your area, it’s easy enough to fix a problem. However, when you are thousands of kilometres away, this is your one and only go at it. Make sure you’re prepared.

You will want checklists for each and every step of the move and plan it all out carefully. It’s a good idea to begin this planning at least six months in advance, if possible. This gives you time to put everything in order and hire the right people for the various parts of the move.

2. Label, Label, Label

Every box needs to be carefully labelled. The last thing you want when you’ve arrived at your new home is to find that you have no idea which box goes where or which box has your cutlery in it. Take the time to do up an inventory list (this is a great task for a child) and tape it to the boxes with the most important items in them.

3. Arrange for the House to Be Opened

Will you arrive first or will the removal company? Who will be at the house to open it and provide the keys? These are things that must be arranged since it is so far away. You don’t want the removal company to arrive and have no way to bring your belongings inside. It may be worth it for you to arrive first and stay in a hotel for a night so you are able to pick up the keys and arrange to be there once the removal truck arrives.

4. Hire an Excellent Removals Company

Moving to another country is stressful enough without worrying about the removal company. Choosing the right one will save you a lot of worry and stress, so find a company that is well experienced with crossing borders and handling things like customs. They should set your mind at ease rapidly with their expertise. The removals company will also have the necessary insurance to move overseas.

5. Do One Last Check

Before you walk out the door of your old flat, be sure there is nothing left behind. It won’t be easy to come back for it, so you need to be quite certain that you’ve managed everything. This is particularly important with small items that your children may have been playing with before the actual moving day.

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