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6 Types of Items That Should Only Be Moved by Expert Removers

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6 Types of Items That Should Only Be Moved by Expert Removers

If you have found your perfect family home, it is now time to start planning for the move. But as moving approaches, you are likely to find that packing, shipping, and transporting certain items can cause you unnecessary stress.

That is where expert movers come in. Some of the most valuable items in a household can be hard to move, heavy, or fragile. Working with a removal expert at Essex Removals can help you understand which items require expert handling, and make a more accurate roadmap for your house move.

If you own one or more of the items below, partnering with a specialist remover is a great way to save yourself a few headaches (or heartaches, if the items get damaged!) and enjoy a stress-free moving day.

Fine Art

Fine art isn’t just a great way to decorate a home and create an inspiring living space, but it also is an alternative investment class that can help you safeguard your finances – especially during a stock market crisis. But while most of your fine art might be safely hung on the wall or held in a safe during your everyday life, moving it to a new home can be risky.

Specialist removers understand how each type of artwork needs to be packed and transported to ensure the safest moving conditions.

Antiques and Books

If you have been collecting antiques, vintage items, and books, you might benefit from their appreciation over time. But when it comes down to transporting them, it is essential to keep them safe from damaging agents, including moisture, water, UV rays, and collisions.

Working with expert removers can help you put in place the necessary measures to keep your most valued belongings out of harm’s way.

Pianos and Other Musical Instruments

If you have a passion for music, or you are a professional musician, the chances are that you have invested in prestigious musical instruments. When it comes to moving them, working with removals experts can be invaluable.

The specialised removers at Essex Removals have multiple decades of experience in packing, transporting, cataloguing, and unloading pianos and other musical instruments.

Glassware and Mirrors

Whether you have been collecting fine glassware, or you only have a few glasses, flutes, and mirrors, transporting these items can be tricky – and even dangerous if glass surfaces shatter in your car or van! Expert removers can help you secure these items, no matter whether you are moving next door or abroad!

Computers and Electronics

As we all become increasingly reliant on technology, the number of computers, electronics, and devices in every home increases. In turn, these might represent a significant investment for your entire family. Expert removers can help you safely move valuable items such as computers, stereos, TVs, and gaming stations.

Furniture and Appliances

Furniture and appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, and freezers, aren’t just heavy and cumbersome to move, but they can also be dangerous – especially if you need to handle electrics! Expert movers have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that each of your items will safely reach their destination.

Know What Movers Won’t Move and Make Alternative Plans

While professional moving companies will help you transport, store, and catalogue most items in domestic and commercial settings, some items won’t be moved, including hazardous substances and perishables.

When partnering with the experts at Essex Removals, you can leverage the expertise of a team of professionals to make plans to move valuable items and get directions to move or dispose of excluded items.


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