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A Guide to Getting Set Up in Your New Property

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A Guide to Getting Set Up in Your New Property

While, of course, moving house is a big deal and requires a certain amount of organisation, it doesn’t have to be a stressful or intimidating process. That being said, in the hustle and bustle of the move itself, it can be easy for some of the admin or practical tasks to slip your mind. Essex Removals are here to remind you of a few things you need to do to get set up in your new home.

Locate key features in the new property

Upon moving in, make sure you find your gas, electricity, and water meters and make a note of the readings. This can be a lifesaver when setting up new utility accounts or providing your existing supplier with new readings – it helps to ensure the accuracy of your bills and can make the switch that much easier.

You’ll also need to locate the stopcock, which is usually under the kitchen sink or outside the front of the house (look for a metal plate in the floor with the word “water” or just a letter “W” on it). It’s also a good idea to find your fuse box and check all is well.

Set up your utilities

The previous owners should have already told utility suppliers about their change of address, and you should do the same for your old property, too. This will enable the supplier to send correspondence to the right address and close accounts, if necessary. You should also provide them with a final meter reading upon vacating the property.

Once you move in, your new house’s current supplier might contact you about setting up an account, but there’s no obligation to stay with them. Whether you decide to stay or switch, it’s a good idea to take a meter reading as soon as you move in so you know how much usage is yours and how much is the previous owner’s.

You’ll also need to inform your landline, mobile and broadband providers that you’re moving house. They will provide you with a new landline number and get your broadband switched over to the new property, or get a new plan set up.

Tell people you’ve moved

You’ll need to make your change of address known to certain people. Your employer, HMRC, your old and new local authorities, the DWP, and the DVLA will need to be informed in order for your payslips, tax records, driver’s license, and vehicle registration to remain accurate and up-to-date.

It’s worth redirecting your post through Royal Mail so that important correspondence can still find its way to you. You’ll also need to inform healthcare providers (e.g. GP, optician, dentist) and possibly register at different providers near your new address. If you have children, make sure their schools are aware that you’re moving and know your new address.

Moving house can be very stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Essex Removals will gladly handle the logistics of your move, leaving you free to focus on the all-important admin that comes with it. To find out more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today. For everything from domestic removals and packing to international moves and containerised storage, we’re always happy to help!


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