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A Guide to Moving Abroad in Your Twenties and Thirties

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Most people dream of exploring the world, backpacking through Asia, living in the Big Apple or settling in to a new European city where beautiful landscapes and delicious food are right on your doorstep. Though many people tend to travel during their gap year or after university, there’s no perfect age for moving to a new country – in fact, waiting until you’re a little more financially secure could ensure you move is more viable for the long term.

Whether you plan on moving abroad for a year or two or more permanently, it’s important that you come up with a plan in terms of employment as well as organising the logistics of your move. Luckily for you, this blog will explain all you need to know about moving abroad in your twenties and thirties.

Things to consider when moving abroad

There are many reasons why you may decide to move abroad from the UK, for example, employment, a better way of life, improved weather or new experiences to name a few. Everyone’s situation is different. Some may have savings that they can live off of until they find employment, while others may already have a job lined up – whatever your situation, it’s a good idea to have even a short term plan for your big move.

Here we explain some things to consider:

Choosing a location

The biggest decision you need to make is where you want to live. Do you want to move somewhere in Europe or further afield? Think about the way of life you want to experience – do you want to be near the sea or in a bustling city? Is it important that you can fly home easily? Are you moving to a country that you’ve visited before? These are all questions that you should think about, to make sure the location you choose is the right one for you. Popular locations include:

France: When many people think of moving to France they’ll think of two things – the bustling city of Paris or the more quaint locations filled with vineyards. And, according to stats produced in 2016, there were an estimated 148,000 British citizens living in France. The country has a lot to offer, and being close to the UK means family and friends can visit you at an affordable cost.

The Netherlands: The cobbled streets of Amsterdam, renowned as a cycling city, is perfect for those who want to embrace all things cultural and arty, quirky and laidback. What’s better than passing beautiful canals on your way to work or relaxing in one of the many parks?

Spain: Hot weather and amazing beaches, Spain is a popular choice for many Brits and a common location for retirement. You may also find that the cost of living is cheaper, particularly in terms of rent and grocery shopping with fresh produce being sold in local markets.

Australia: It’s not unusual for many people to see Australia as a hotter, more relaxed version of the UK. Australia is a country with strong economic foundations, great employment prospects and is one of the safest locations in the world with very low crime rates. With cities and beaches across the entirety of the country, you can plunge yourself into a range of career paths, and spend your weekends surfboarding or relaxing on the beach.

The US: From New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Miami, the US has a lot to offer, and the American dream has made this location even more desirable. For one, the spacious housing available means you can get a lot more for your money, that you may be able to in the UK. Small American towns offer friendly communities while vibrant cities will whisk you into a world of endless possibilities.

Here at Essex Removals, we can help with both European and worldwide removals. Only moving for a short time? We also have a range of secure storage units, where you can hold some of your belongings until you return.

Finding a job

Of course, you need some means of income while you’re living abroad, so finding a job should be a top priority. Before you make any decisions about moving, keep an eye out for international opportunities within your current job – this will make things a lot easier, especially if you work in a niche industry. Check out employment opportunities within several locations, perhaps you’d like to teach English or maybe you’re looking for a role within technology, finance or fashion – whatever it is, do your research beforehand.

Learning the language and culture

Although many countries will speak English and use it as one of their main languages, you should make the effort to learn the national language. Start taking language lessons or search for apps that can help you pick up everyday phrases and words. Once you’re there, this will be a lot easier to learn, but it’s a good idea to know the basics.

Making new friends

As well as work and your financial situation, moving to a new country means you’ll need to create a new social circle. Check out the local hotspot, activities and gyms where you can strike up a conversation and make new friends. Alternatively, apps such as Bumble BFF are designed to match people with the same interests, so you can meet up with people nearby or simply have someone you can talk to online.

Practical tips for international removals

So now on to the packing. Get ahead of the game and organise your belongings with plenty of time to spare – even if you don’t have much to sort thought you’d be surprised at how long it can take. In this section, we’ll explain how you can sort through your items and why it’s important to find the right removal company.

Organising your belongings

Donate, recycle and pack up your clothes, furniture and belongings, and remember, try and be sensible about what you take. Is it cheaper for you to sell some items and rebuy them in your new destination? Will you need cooler or warmer clothing? Does your new accommodation already have furniture? Selling the things you don’t need will add to your financial pot and help you set up your new life abroad.

Finding the right removal company

Executing an international move can be a difficult task to do alone. By hiring a professional removal service you can reduce the stress of your move, and have everything sorted in an organised way by an experienced team. Choose a company that has a good reputation for international removals – the last thing you want is any problems along the way. As long as you do your research carefully about their services and past work, your move should be successful.

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