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Moving to a new home can be enough of an upheaval as it is as an adult, which means it can only be all the more confusing and overwhelming for our kids. Because it’s likely that you’ll be moving away from a place they have spent their whole lives in up until now, particularly if they’re very young, it’s natural that the prospect of leaving might upset them or pose worries about what the future holds.

As a parent, you’re probably wondering how you can flip the script – turning the upcoming move from a cause for concern into a positive experience for them. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together this list of 10 tips on how to help your little ones navigate this new situation and make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

1.  Give Them Time

Although you might think that telling your kids about the move later on into the process will give them less time to worry about it, this just means that you also give them less time to prepare. There’s no way to stop them from having concerns about leaving their home, but the earlier you tell them, the more time you will have to help them adjust to the idea and even get excited about it.

Telling them early on also means you can use that time to show them the new house, or just the area you’re planning to move to. You can allow them to explore so that it doesn’t feel alien when you eventually move there. If they will be joining a new school alongside the move, you could try and arrange to get a tour of the school to get them more acquainted with this big change.

2.  Keep Them Involved

Whatever the reason behind your choice to move, it’s important that your children feel optimistic and excited about it. One of the best ways to get them to this point is to let them have some form of control over the move. This could look like asking them for input on things like paint colours and decor; you could even let them design their own bedrooms!

If your kids are a bit older, you could have them accompany you to house viewings, so you can gauge what they respond well to and where they would feel happy and comfortable living. Alternatively, you could talk with them about what they would like out of a house – of course you might get some unrealistic requests, but it’ll help to make them feel listened to.

3.  Try to Move During a School Holiday

If your kids are old enough to be in school, it’s a good idea to plan your move outside of term time if possible. This way there won’t be any disruptions to their schooling while they move and then adjust to their change in situation. On the plus side for you, you won’t have to leave their school stuff out of the packing.

This point is especially important if your kids are going to be moving to a new school. In this case, it’s best to move during the summer holidays, as it means they won’t be starting school in the middle of a year or term, which can often be disruptive to their education. Moving during the summer also means that they can use the holidays to meet local children that might go to the same school, so they’ll hopefully already have some friends by the time they start in September.

However, because the summer holidays are notoriously a busy time for house moves, make sure to book your removals service nice and early.

4.  Pack Toys Last

A good tip for moving day is to make sure that your removals team packs the children’s toys, and perhaps other personal belongings, onto the lorry last. The benefit of this is that when you arrive at your new home, these will be the first items to come off the lorry too. This will get your kids excited about and involved in unpacking and organising their room straight away. It also means that there are things to keep them occupied if they get bored or restless during the move.

5.  Don’t Rush

On moving day, it’s natural to want to get everything packed and ready to go as quickly as possible. However, when you have kids, the process might look a little different. It’s important to remember that your children won’t be as quick to accept change as you are, and they will most likely be upset about leaving the home they grew up in, so do allow them plenty of time to say goodbye before you have to leave.

You could take them around the empty house to say a proper goodbye to each room, or say a goodbye to the house from outside – perhaps even commemorating the occasion with one last photo. This might even help with the process of letting go, as they have some physical memories to keep ahold of.

6.  Make It Fun

Moving day can be very high-pressure and stressful for everyone involved, including your kids. So, coming up with ways to make the move more enjoyable can help to keep them calm – not to mention that they’ll be less of a nuisance to you whilst you’re trying to get stuff done.

There are plenty of games and activities you can play with all of the packing supplies you have, especially the boxes. For example, you could let the children decorate the boxes so you know what’s inside each one, or once they’re empty you could build a fort. Once you’re in the new house, hide and seek might also be a great way to explore and get them familiarised with their new surroundings.

7.  Prioritise Their Journey

With so much unpacking to do once you’ve got the keys to your new place, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend that, after the essentials like food and bedding, you prioritise getting the children’s things up naked. In order for them to deal with the change, it’s essential that they feel at home in their new environment, and they can’t do that while their stuff is in boxes.

8.  Stick to Your Routine

With the stress and unpredictability of moving, it’s very easy for routines to get disrupted as you fit your life around packing, unpacking and decorating. However, as it’s valuable for kids to have continuity, try to keep as much the same as possible.


Although it’s inevitable that certain things will change during and after the move, there are others that don’t have to. Try sticking to bedtimes, eating times and any activities you regularly do as a family. This will maintain a sense of normalcy throughout a turbulent time.

9. Handle Your Stress

Of course, moving house is bound to be stressful for you too, and that’s okay. However, your children feed off of your energy, and if you are giving off a lot of anxiety, it’s going to make them feel just as anxious – if not more. It’s important to try and keep your stress levels in check whilst in their presence, and keep an eye on any emotional signals you might be projecting. Do what you can to assure your little ones that you’re excited about the move and that they should be too.

10.  Keep Communicating

Above all, the biggest thing that you should be doing throughout the moving process is talking to your children. Some kids find certain events more worrying or stressful than others, so it’s important that you remind your children that you are there for them throughout this time. Let them know that they can talk to you about any concerns or questions they might have.

If your kids are a little older, it might also be a good idea to talk to them about why you’re moving, what you’re doing at each stage and what will happen next. This will help to keep them in the loop and make the whole situation feel less alien. While you can’t control how they will react, consistent communication is a great way to facilitate open conversations about the move and minimise stress and worry.

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