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Creative Uses For A Hired Shipping Container

By September 2, 2022 No Comments
Creative Uses For A Hired Shipping Container

Though the humble shipping container may be an uninspiring sight, the possibilities are endless when customising such a space, or even coming up with creative uses for a personal DIY project. Whether you’re in desperate need of extra storage for excess items and furniture, or you had a bright idea regarding the construction of a unique hobby room, there are plenty of avenues to explore. Essex Removals are the company to consult for a stress-free removals or storage experiences, so read on for the important details.

Workout Space

Spacious enough to cover and protect all of your home-gym equipment, shipping containers from us won’t ever lack room to stretch your legs, and can act as a convenient sheltered workout space if you’re struggling for room inside the home. Make the most of free weights, cardio machines, and various bodyweight exercises, all while avoiding the substantial monthly costs of a pricey gym membership. Looking for a specific size or capacity? We’re here to help.

Temporary Storage For A House Move

One of the most frequent uses of storage containers is to temporarily hold valuables, furniture, and larger household items or appliances while preparing for a house move. Regardless of circumstances, a large enough storage container can provide plenty of space for a move across the country, or a simple relocation within the local area. For those requiring additional assistance with a move, take a look at our additional packing and removals – perfect for relieving the stress of a family move.

Hobby Room

We all need some time to ourselves, and a hobby room is the ideal place to unwind after a day at work. Themed spaces are becoming more and more prominent within the modern home, and a shipping container is customisable and versatile enough to satisfy even the most demanding of overhauls. From exciting game rooms to relaxing spaces complete with soft lighting, let your imagination run wild

Makeshift Shed And Workshop

One of the traditional uses of an exterior building is as a shed or storage area for garden equipment and appliances. With more leftover space than a traditional shed, durable and secure enough to safely protect important tools, and available in varied sizes for garden spaces of any shape and scale, shipping containers are a fab alternative to wooden, plastic or metal sheds. Make the most of a space by customising it with shelves, tool hooks and storage compartments.

At Essex Removals, we understand that everybody’s circumstances are different, and whether you simply have no more room within the home to store your belongings, or you’re the owner of an expanding business, Essex Removals can work with you. Secure storage options will fit your needs exactly, so if you’re in need of spacious storage, convenient shipping, faultless packing or efficient removals, contact us today.


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