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Decorating Tips For Your First Christmas In Your New Home

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Decorating Tips For Your First Christmas In Your New Home

Spending your first Christmas in your new home is incredibly special. Whether it’s your first ever home or you’ve simply moved somewhere else, there’s something very exciting about spending your first Christmas in a new house. Once all of your possessions have been unloaded from the removals van and unpacked, it’s time to focus on wrapping presents and decorating for the festive season.

How you choose to decorate and what you use is down to personal preference, but if you’re feeling a little stuck for ideas or you’re worried about leaving marks on the walls from decorations, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help.

Match decorations with your new decor

You don’t want your Christmas decorations to clash with your new decor, so it’s important you take this into consideration when shopping for your new decs. For example, would a deep green feature wall clash with your red and green decorations? Are your multicoloured lights going to look too much against it? Generally, it’s safe to use bold colour in neutral coloured rooms.

Avoid pinning things up on the wall

You don’t want to ruin your freshly decorated home by pinning things into your new walls. If you look after your walls properly, you can go years without needing to touch them up with paint or fill any holes. Making lots of little holes in your walls to pin up Christmas cards, decorating or fairy lights will only leave you with holes, dents and marks when the festive fun is over.

Approach plasterwork with care

New plasterwork should be treated with care. Did you know it can take up to a year for plasterwork to fully dry out? Before you go mounting decorations on your fresh new walls or hanging chunky picture frames, it’s worth thinking about whether the plasterwork can really take the weight. If the plasterwork is new, it’s worth giving it the full twelve months to settle and dry before you mount any decorations.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still decorate. Why not invest in some festive decorations for your fireplace mantelpiece, or decorate your table with Christmas runners and candles? There are plenty of ways you can decorate without damaging your walls.

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