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Easy Ways to Prepare For Your Commercial Move

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Easy Ways to Prepare For Your Commercial Move

Moving to a bigger location, an office that is more modern or a workplace with better access is exciting and can make a big difference to your staff. But, planning the moving day itself can be stressful. The best thing you can do is get prepared ahead of time that way you’re ready to go when the big day arrives.

Here are some easy tips for preparing for your commercial move.

Ask your employees to clear their area

Office moves usually happen over a weekend or out of hours so your staff won’t be there to help. Ask them to do their bit by sorting, organising and tidying their areas such as desks so everything can be neatly packed away. Rubbish and personal items should be sorted so that unwanted belongings are not taking up space in the van and unloading everything will be much quicker.

Make sure you have full access to the new location

It’s a good idea to visit the new workplace before moving day to make sure you know how every access point works. For example, do you need a code to open the main gate or door? Are there additional entry points that could be useful for bringing in large items? Giving everything a once over means you won’t experience any delays.

Store your files electronically

If you haven’t transitioned to a paperless business, starting before your moving day could make things easier to organise. It’s easy for files and paperwork to go missing, which could breach GDPR regulations, but moving this date to a secure online system means it can be backed up and it won’t go missing during the move.

Secure your slot with a professional removal team

No matter how big or small your commercial business is, an extra pair of helping hands will ease your moving day stress. Be sure to book your slot as soon as you can to avoid disappointment and once the date is confirmed you can begin planning.

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