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Expert Tips for Packing & Moving Fragile Treasures

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When it comes to relocating, certain items demand a touch more TLC than others. Antiques, pianos, and fine art aren’t just possessions; they’re pieces of history, passion, and craftsmanship.

Essex Removals, with our specialised expertise in antique removals, piano removals, and fine art removals, offers invaluable advice to ensure the safety and integrity of your most treasured items during a move.

Packing Antiques with Care

Antiques are as diverse as they are delicate, requiring specific packing techniques to protect their unique features.

You should use quality materials opting for things like acid-free tissue paper and sturdy, double-walled boxes to provide ample protection. For exceptionally valuable or large pieces, consider custom wooden crates that offer superior protection.

Mark boxes with “Fragile” and “This Way Up” to ensure careful handling at all stages of the move.

Moving Pianos: A Harmonious Approach

Pianos are not only heavy but also contain intricate mechanisms that can be easily damaged.

  • Professional Assistance: Always use a professional piano removals service like Essex Removals. Our team has the right equipment and expertise to transport your piano safely.
  • Secure Internal Components: Lock the keyboard lid and ensure that all moving parts are immobilised to prevent damage during transit.
  • Climate Considerations: Keep in mind the climate and humidity changes that could affect your piano, and ensure it’s moved in a climate-controlled vehicle if necessary.

Fine Art Removals: Preserving Masterpieces

Fine art requires a nuanced approach to packing and moving, taking into account the materials and age of the piece. Use tailor-made crates lined with foam or other protective materials to house each piece of art.

Document the condition of each artwork before the move to keep a record of its state and help in case of any disputes. Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for the high-value and irreplaceable nature of fine art.

Why Choose Essex Removals?

With our expertise in handling and moving delicate items, choosing Essex Removals means opting for peace of mind. Our experienced team understands the unique requirements of antique, piano, and fine art removals, ensuring your items are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Trust Essex Removals with Your Valuables

Moving treasured possessions can be stressful, but with the right preparation and support from Essex Removals, your valuables will reach their new home safe and sound. Our dedicated team of removal experts offers bespoke solutions for antique, piano, and fine art removals, tailored to protect and preserve your items throughout the move.

Ready to relocate your precious items without worry? Contact Essex Removals today for a seamless, secure, and stress-free moving experience.


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