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Four Reasons To Move To A Warmer Climate

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Do you ever sit at your desk and find yourself dreaming of soaking up the sun on a white, sandy, Caribbean beach? How about fantasising of sipping on sangria and picking at tapas in the warm Spanish sun whilst on your daily commute? Well, if you’re fed up of dreaming and you’re ready to down tools and chase the sun, there are many reasons why you should make your dream a reality. Here are the four best reasons to move to a warmer climate.

You’ll feel happier

When you spend time in warm and sunny climes, you’ll almost immediately feel your mood lift. This is down to the fact that increased sun exposure boosts your levels of Vitamin D, which is proven to combat depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects 1 in 3 people in the UK and directly correlates with a Vitamin D deficiency caused by lack of sunlight. If you decide to up sticks and move to a sun-soaked country, you’ll enjoy longer days and a lighter mood.

You’ll feel healthier

As well as improving your mental health, living in a hot country will improve your physical health too. Vitamin D is known to contribute to cancer prevention, helps to boost your energy levels and improves bone strength. What’s more, you’ll be far away from those nasty winter colds and flu which can lead to ongoing health issues, particularly in older people.

You’ll have more fun

We’re not saying that life in the UK can’t be fun, but let’s face it- when the wind and rain sets in and you’re stuck inside watching daytime television, you’re not exactly ‘living your best life’. Meanwhile, in places where the weather is warm all year round and the sun shines for more hours during the day, there are endless opportunities to get out and about and really enjoy life.

You’ll enjoy a slower pace of life

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, life in the sun is always laid back. Unlike those of us rushing around busy, grey cities, the locals in warm countries are all about an easy-breezy pace of life. Day to day life is centred around good food, the great outdoors and spending time with friends and family. So, if you’ve been stuck in the rat race for too long, take this opportunity to break away and chill out in the sunshine.

Now you know just how beneficial moving to the sunshine can be, why not set the wheels in motion? Here at Essex Removals, we offer an expert removals service for customers hoping to move within the UK, Europe and internationally. So whether you’ve got your sights set on a beach house in California or a spacious villa in Portugal, get in touch with our team today and we’ll handle your move professionally and efficiently.


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