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Going Through a Big Change in Life? Five Moving Situations Where Storage Units are Beneficial

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Many of us will experience several life changing events throughout the course of our lives; whether that’s starting university, moving abroad or having a baby. You may also be aware of the statistics which tell us that moving house is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through, so if you add in a factor like a new baby or a cross country move, then this process can start to feel even more overwhelming.

Luckily, moving alongside a big life change doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think, and making use of a storage unit is one way to drastically reduce your stress levels during this time. Storage units have many benefits when it comes to moving house, and they can keep your possessions safe while you settle in to your home. If you want to know more about the many benefits of storage units, and how they can help with five life-changing moving situations, see our handy guide below.

What is a storage unit?

Also known as self-storage, a storage unit is simply a large container or crate that can be hired by an individual or business on a short or long term basis. People can choose to rent storage units month by month, or pay for a longer rental period (such as a year) up front.

Self-storage facilities offer a high level of security, and often come with heavy duty locks to protect the contents inside. Most individual units are stored within a self-storage facility, and these often offer 24 hour access, as well as extra security measures such as CCTV, security guards and keycode locks or fingerprint scanners to ensure that only those with a unit rental have access to the building.

Storage units come in several sizes, from smaller containers around the size of a walk-in wardrobe, to much larger ones that are roughly the same size as a two car garage.

The benefits of using storage units

There are many benefits to be gained from hiring a storage unit, especially if you’re going through a life-changing move. We will discuss how storage units can be beneficial during these specific situations later on, but overall, storage units simply offer you more space, and provide a secure space to keep any larger items during the move.

They also offer somewhere to keep any items which you may not have room for if you’re downsizing, but have items you don’t want to get rid of. Storage units offer a stress-free base to keep items while you unpack the essentials in your new home, and you can then return at a later date and sort through any leftover items. They also provide a handy space to keep bulky pieces that you might not use very often, such as skiing or sporting equipment, boxes of Christmas decorations, or furniture which you want to keep but don’t have room for.

Five life changing moving situations

As mentioned, there are many different moving situations which can also coincide with a big life-change, such as moving to a bigger property to make room for a new baby, moving to a different country for a new job, or starting university. Storage units can be extremely useful during any of these events, and we will discuss exactly how they can assist you with five of the most common life changing moving situations, below.

Moving abroad

The stress of moving house can be multiplied tenfold if that move is to a country overseas, and you’ll have important things to think about on top of packing; including sorting any visas, dealing with customs and working out how to physically transport all of your possessions.

In some cases, you may not have had much opportunity to spend time in your new home (or you might have only seen it in pictures), so it can be difficult to gauge how much space you’ll have. Instead of taking the risk of shipping all your items to the new property and then discovering you don’t have enough space, consider leaving some bulky furniture or other items in storage first. Leaving some items in your home country gives you the time to settle in and figure out what will fit/what you need, and you can arrange for the remaining items to be shipped at a later date.

A storage unit is also ideal if your move abroad is only temporary, after all, you won’t want to take all your belongings if you’re only going to be based somewhere for a few months.

Going to university

Going to university is often the first time living away from home for many young people, and it can be difficult to know what to take with you. Student halls can be on the smaller side, and you may have items you want to take to your university city, but keep somewhere outside of your room. Many students choose to join sports clubs or take part in other extra curricular activities, and equipment such as hockey sticks, protective gear or skis can all take up valuable space in your bedroom. Hiring a storage unit is the perfect way to ensure you have access to any equipment or items as and when you need them, and it will prevent your space from feeling cramped.

Self storage can be particularly handy for international students, or during the summer period to save students the trouble of taking all their belongings home, only to bring them back to a new property in September.

Having a baby

Having a baby is arguably the most life changing thing that can happen to a couple or individual, and expanding your family often calls for more space. Whether you’re moving house, or converting a home office into a nursery, it’s likely that you’ll need some extra storage space. Naturally, you’ll have a lot to prepare and think about when it comes to the new arrival, but a storage unit provides a simple one-stop solution for any excess items such as desks, books, or any other items you need to move to make room.

It’s unlikely that new parents will have the energy or time to sort through lots of items, or arrange for them to be donated or sold off, but storage units are an affordable way to keep items safe until you feel ready to sort through them.

Moving in with a partner or getting married

Moving in with a partner is a significant step in any relationship, but as you might expect, combining two people’s possessions in one place can be tricky. Both parties will almost certainly own their own set of furniture, including a bed, sofa, table and chairs, but there’s no need to have two of everything in one place. If you have family heirlooms or furniture which you want to keep but no longer have room for, then a storage unit is the perfect solution.

Starting a business

A storage unit can be an invaluable help for you and your business, whether you’re moving offices, starting a new online business, or need a safe place to store valuable tools and other equipment. If you’re downsizing an office but have lots of expensive equipment you don’t want to get rid of; put it in storage until you can find the right time to sell it, or use it again.

Many online businesses are run directly from people’s homes, but this can be tricky if you have a lot of stock to deal with. Hiring a storage unit gives you access to your stock whenever you need it, and saves you the trouble of moving everything you need for your business every time you move house or office.

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