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Reap the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Removals Service

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Moving home or relocating your business can be both problematic and stressful, it is a strenuous task which involves a million and one different decisions. The biggest and probably the most important decision is whether to hire a professional or take care of the move by yourself. Choosing to hire skilled removal services has numerous benefits, here are some of the main advantages associated with using a professional team.

Eliminate Boring Tasks

Although moving to a new premise, whether domestic or commercial can be exciting, packing each and every item into labelled boxes is not one of the fun parts. If you’d like to avoid this tedious exercise, you should consider hiring a trained team of professionals to do all the work for you. Our team of competent, knowledgeable movers have the skills and experience to safely pack away all your belongings in a rapid and efficient manner. We care for your items just as much as you, that is why we take pride in our service. Packing your possessions with the right materials is vitally important, it ensures they reach their destination in the same condition as they left.

Remove Stress

Relocating to a new property either at home or abroad can be daunting, without the added stress of having to organise the entire move. An expert house removals company can relieve the stress of your move by providing you with peace of mind knowing your valuables will be safe and undamaged in your new property when you arrive. When you hire the professionals at Essex Removal Service & Co, we’ll take care of all the packing, handling, storage, and transportation. We take all the stress off your shoulders by providing a service you can trust.

Safe & Secure Storage Options

If you aren’t in any rush, or you’ve time in between your lease agreement, you may want to put your belongings in storage for a month or two before you move out. Containerised storage is also a great option for homeowners who need a place to de-clutter before they put their property up for sale. We provide a secure location that is monitored 24 hours a day by a state of the art security system, you can be confident that we’ll take good care of your possessions.

Protect Your Assets

If you require a company who specialise in overseas European removals, make sure to inquire about our fully insured, long distance service. Most professional removals companies will make you sign a contract before they handle your goods, this is usually to protect their clients in the case of damaged items. A relocation which involves moving abroad can carry added risk due to the distance, that’s why we cover the costs if anything goes wrong.

Steer Clear of Painful Injuries

If you are moving bulky objects such as pianos or antique furniture it is advisable to contact a professional. Our experienced fleet of specialist movers handles delicate and awkward items with care and attention, ensuring you avoid personal injury.

Essex Removal Service & Co. Ltd

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