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How To Avoid Living in Unpacking Limbo After Moving House

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How To Avoid Living in Unpacking Limbo After Moving House

Packing up your home ready for your removal service to come and collect everything might seem like a gargantuan task. But if you’re dreading packing, doing so once you’re in your new home can seem even more stressful. Even if you plan to start unpacking right away, a lot of people end up still having boxes and wrapped items kicking around months after their move. It can prevent your new home from really feeling like your home because you haven’t settled in properly.

If you don’t want to end up in an unpacking limbo, you should get started on this task as soon as possible. There are also some other excellent things you can do to make unpacking easier –  read on to get started.

Pack The Right Way

Firstly, keep unpacking in mind when you start packing up your things. It makes sense to pack with a system, and this system should also help you to take everything back out of your boxes at the other end. One of the best things you can do is pack a box or two that you will open first, which has your essentials. This can include bedding, cleaning products, and any other necessities that you will likely need within the first day or two.

Don’t Put Off Unpacking

No matter how tempting it is, try to avoid delaying your unpacking. Don’t just unpack things as you need them, or you could end up with boxes of junk that you don’t use for weeks or even months. After you’ve recovered from the move, get to work on unpacking everything, taking breaks only when necessary and completing the vast majority of hard work at an earlier stage.

Check Items As You Remove Them

Even with the very best removals companies, there’s a small risk of items getting damaged during transit. Your house movers will do their best to handle everything with care, but it’s still a good idea to check everything thoroughly as you unpack. If you notice any damaged items, now is the time to make a note of them and take some photos so you can make a claim or get the problem resolved.

Unpack Methodically

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re unpacking, so you end up with half-unpacked boxes everywhere. If you want to stay organised, try to unpack one room at a time. Start with the most important things that you need. This will probably mean that you unpack rooms like your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen first. Which room you begin with will depend on what your plan is when you first get into your new home.

Give Everything A Place

One of the problems with unpacking in a new home is that you might be unsure about where to put everything. You know where it all belonged in your old home, but now you have to find new places for it all. Start giving everything a place as you unpack so that you can remain organised, avoid chaos and settle into your new home.

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