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How to Choose the Best Removal Company for you

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How to Choose the Right Removal Company

Unless you live alone in a small house or flat, it’s best to seek help from removal companies to help you move. Removal companies have a team of staff who can assist you with packing, unpacking and transporting your belongings so that they reach their destination undamaged.

However, choosing the wrong removal company can make the moving house process even more stressful, so it’s best to do your research before.

Here are some tips to help your decision-making process easier:

1.  Research

Compare reviews and ratings for different removal services online to gain an understanding of the quality of their services. You can check reviews on comparison sites like TrustPilot, Reviews and Reference Line.

Word of mouth is also a good method for finding the best companies, so ask family and friends which removal companies they have used before and if the service was good.

2.  Get multiple quotes

It’s a good idea to get a range of quotes from different companies before making a decision. This is so you can compare different companies and the services that they provide, to come to a more informed decision. You can request a free quote from us here at Essex Removals by filling out the form on our website.

3.  Friendliness

An important aspect to consider is how personable the staff are. When querying about the services they offer and obtaining a quote, consider if the staff members were polite and friendly while speaking to you. This is a sign of a professional and successful company, so it is an important thing to note.

4.  Check what you are insured for

Understanding the different types of insurance that the company offers is vital. Most companies offer liability insurance, which means they protect your goods to a certain value in transmit. It is always good to check what this includes first.

5.  Additional services

Some removal companies offer additional services which you could find beneficial when moving house. For example, at Essex Removals, we offer a range of different packing services to help speed up the process. We also offer specialist removals where we remove items that are either too large, fragile or expensive for a traditional removal service.

It’s worth bearing these additional services in mind when looking for the right removal company.

6.  Packing materials when moving overseas

When shipping belongings overseas, you want to ensure that you are with an overseas removal company that uses the right packing materials.

A good international removal company should offer you to use a professional export wrapping service for your overseas move. This is because export wrapping and packing is essential to ensure that your items are as safe from damage as possible during the long journey.

Looking for a removal team to help you with your overseas european shipping? At Essex Removals, we make sure your items get to where they need to be and only charge you for the space you need. Contact us today for more information.


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