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How To Ensure Your House Sells

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How To Ensure Your House Sells

Trying to sell your house requires a lot of effort on your part. You want to ensure you’re presenting your home in the best possible way, to ensure that any prospective buyers see exactly why your house is great and they should buy it. But where to start? You need to prioritise what you think will impress buyers and do away with what might not be s helpful.

So read on for some top tips on how to ensure your house sells.

Make A Great First Impression

When arriving for a viewing, the first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of the home, so ensure it has curb appeal. This could be giving the door a fresh coat of paint, trimming any unsightly hedges and cleaning the windowsills. People can make quick decisions about whether they would like to buy your home from this first impression alone.

If your neighbour’s homes are also looking a bit unsightly, have a chat with them to see if you can help clean up a little bit. They’ll appreciate the help and it can help increase the chance of selling your home and increasing the prestige of your street.


Make sure your home is pristine for any viewings, and we don’t mean a little tidy up, but a big clean to ensure your home is absolutely spotless. Any buyers entering the home should feel like they’re entering a new build, with the house restored back to its original cleanliness. Make sure you clean the areas that you usually miss, such as on top of wardrobes, shelves and the little corners that are difficult to get into.

You have to remember that a buyer is looking specifically for any issues, so will be on the lookout for anything not clean.

Remove Personalisation

Buyers want to see themselves in the home, not whoever lives there. That’s why you should try and remove as many personal touches as possible, including photos, toys and more. You want to try and present the space as a blank space for them to fill with their own lives.

If you have converted a spare bedroom into an office or gym, you can still advertise it as a potential bedroom again. What you have personalised the space as might not be what a prospective buyer wants to use it for.

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