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How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly with a House Moving Company

If ‘stress’ is the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions moving house, you’re in the majority. Moving house is up there as one of the top five most stressful events that someone can go through. As overwhelming as the process might feel, getting organised will help prevent you from skipping over or forgetting little tasks.

It’s easy to forget things when your mind is preoccupied, but there is one thing that you might have overlooked during this time. The environment is definitely something to consider when you’re moving house. The average house move generates about 17 kilos of CO2, which is equivalent to leaving a light bulb on for eight weeks!

There are ways to be environmentally conscious during your move; keep reading to find our tips on cleansing those carbon emissions.

Plan ahead

This might sound pretty obvious, but moving doesn’t have to be chaotic if you get yourself organised. Making a comprehensive list of all the things you need to do will help get the ball rolling nice and smoothly. By getting all your thoughts onto paper, you will reduce your stress massively. By planning, you can also get a good idea of the time frame in which you need to do certain things, and how much time certain jobs might take.

Giving yourself enough time to declutter, organise, pack and clean will ensure that you aren’t rushing around or forgetting anything when the big day arrives.

Packing supplies and materials

Don’t buy new boxes! Try storing your items in the furniture items you are taking with you. Store things in your chest of drawers and wardrobe to conserve packing space. Fill your suitcases and bags with your clothes and possessions to make the most of your space and prevent you from buying boxes.

There are alternatives to bubble wrap, such as biodegradable packing peanuts. These are a good alternative for your fragile items that aren’t so damaging to the environment. Being conscious with your packing is a good way to take the environment into consideration. Instead of using bubble wrap for your fragile items, you can try using things you already own, like clothes, towels, bedding and blankets. Any soft items can be useful to pad out boxes and protect your items. Old magazines and newspapers can also be useful to act as padding for your moving boxes, so start collecting those ahead of your move!

If you still decide on using bubble wrap, see if you already have some laying around the house from deliveries that you can reuse. In the case that you still decide to use bubble wrap to protect your items, you can buy biodegradable bubble wrap, which is environmentally friendly. Make sure you don’t waste bubble wrap if you do decide to use it, and make the most out of it for your fragile items.


Furniture is most likely going to take up lots of room in your move, so, it’s a good idea to declutter what you can before you go. It can be emotional to depart with some of your beloved items, but instead of dumping them outside your house, or banishing them to landfill, you can find more economical ways to get rid of them.

Reselling your old furniture is a good way to make sure it’s going to a home and still being used. Sites such as eBay and Gumtree are a good way to make some cash and give someone else a chance to make use of your unwanted goods. If you’re just looking to get rid of stuff, you can always just give away some of your things to friends and family. You can also donate your items to charity if you’re struggling to sell your items.

Sofa rescue schemes also exist to help rescue your sofa and recycle it! For a small fee you can get rid of your bigger furniture items and be assured that they are being reused and recycled.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for furniture, buying your pieces second hand is a good way to be eco-friendly.

Declutter responsibly

You will have to declutter before your move, but getting rid of your items responsibly is definitely one way to look out for the environment. It pays to be ruthless during this time. Clutter is the last thing you need hindering your moving process.

Much like your furniture, you can resell other belongings or give them to friends and family who might make good use out of them. Donating your books, clothes, shoes and general unwanted items to charity is another way to stop them from ending up in a landfill site.

Storage facilities are another option for both small and large items. If you have possessions and furniture with nowhere to go during the moving process, using a storage facility might be an option to consider for the things you aren’t ready to depart with. We have a range of storage facilities you can look at if this is an option you are considering.

Reduce your waste

In the weeks running up to the big moving day, try to use up those half empty bags of pasta you have in the cupboard. Using up food items will reduce the amount you throw away which will be better for the environment. Using up your dried goods such as pasta and sauces is a good idea to reduce your waste and avoid buying lots of fresh food during the weeks before you move out.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use up these food items, or you have an enormous amount that will eventually go to waste, you can always donate to a food bank. Most supermarkets now have donation areas if you don’t want to waste food. Donating to a food bank is also a good way to help out the community by feeding those in need.

Chemical damage

Cleaning is always going to be a part of your moving process, so opting for eco-friendly cleaning products is another small way of not contributing to environmental damage. It’s a simple change to make, but you will be protecting the environment a little more by choosing more eco-friendly products!

Some of the items you might find in your kitchen are also a good D.I.Y way to clean! Lemon,  vinegar or bicarbonate of soda can act as a cleaning solution which are all natural and can be found in your home somewhere.

Choosing your house moving company

Hiring a house moving service can massively reduce the amount of work and stress you need to undertake. By condensing down your items, and packing in a smart manner, you can reduce the amount of stuff you are taking with you. This will limit your trips, reducing your carbon emissions during the actual move.

Choosing your removal company also gives you the opportunity to be environmentally conscious. You can look into their policies and find a removal company with more environmentally conscious vehicles and ethos’. Removal companies will be able to help you understand the way in which they neutralise their carbon emissions, so additionally, you can look into this and find a removal company that suits your needs.

Essex Removals

Here at Essex Removals, we are committed to providing a smooth and successful move for you and your family. Since 1987, we have aimed to alleviate the stress of moving. Our range of products and services is bound to make your transition easier.

We provide detailed estimates and accurate quotes for all of our moving processes, storage and shipping. Our project managers can help you take the anxiety away from your move by helping you get everything packed up and set up in your new place.

If you’re looking for an environmentally safe and reliable house moving service to transport your beloved items to your new home, or find appropriate storage, then get in touch with us today for a quote! If you have any queries or concerns about any of our services, feel free to give us a call on 01708 722 277 to speak to one of our team members.


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