How to Make Your Office Move Fun, From Packing Boxes Together to Incentives

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Moving office can be a long and stressful process. While relocating to a new commercial building is an exciting venture and often represents an exciting new step for your business, getting everything out of your old office and into a new one can be a challenging task – especially if you want to minimise business downtime as much as possible.

The best and most productive way to organise an office move is to get your employees involved. Not only will this save you time and effort and make the entire process easier, but it can also help to create a more collaborative working environment and encourage your team to work together.

Getting everyone involved in the office move will take some extra weight off your shoulders and relieve some of your stress. To ensure that everyone has a positive moving experience, it’s important to make your office move as fun as possible. While packing up boxes and working out how you’re going to get everything from A to B isn’t the most exciting of tasks, with a few tips, you can make your office move exciting for employees.

Below, we share our top tips for making your office move as fun as possible. From organising activities for employees throughout the move to celebrating the success of your relocation with an office party, there are lots of things you can do to get your employees involved. Read on for some inspiration!

Get everyone involved in the move

Moving office is a team effort and requires the help, in one way or another, of every single member of staff. Whether it’s packing up their own desk or helping to pack up office equipment, the job will get done a whole lot quicker if you get everyone involved. Plus, when you get more people involved in the office move, more ideas will be contributed – something that can be extremely helpful.

Before you even begin packing anything up, put up an “Ideas” board. With the help of some sticky notepads and pens, employees can jot down their ideas about the move. Whether it’s dividing out different roles or suggesting ideas for your future office, listening to everyone’s ideas is a great way to get everyone involved from the very beginning.

Allowing employees to contribute ideas for the layout and design of your new office as well as colour schemes, equipment upgrades and more will make them feel part of the process and valued as a member of the team. It’s important that you listen to your employees and their ideas and needs throughout the move. If they feel like they have a voice during the relocation and their opinions matter, they’ll be far more likely to help out and contribute to the success of an office move.

Ask employees what they want in their new workspace

It’s important that your new office caters to your employees and meets their needs. Whether you’re moving because your team is growing or you’re relocating to a more suitable location, it’s important that each and every member of staff has everything they need to work to the best of their ability.

For some employees, relocating will be a daunting and stressful experience. Change can be difficult to deal with and it’s important that your employees feel like they are being listened to and supported throughout the move.

Hold a meeting and ask your employees what they’d like to see in your new office to help them unwind and let off some steam. Suggestions may include video games, board games, table tennis or a foosball table. Introducing some fun into your new office will get employees excited about moving to a new office and encourage them to get involved in the moving process.

Offer incentives and prizes

Offering employees prizes and incentives can be very motivating and encourage them to get involved in the move. Set up some competitions, such as ‘ideas for the best meeting room names’ or colour schemes in the new office. Reward employees who have given the best answers with prizes, such as chocolates or a nice mug to drink their coffee from in the new office.

You could also offer incentives for employees who stay behind work to help out with packing – something that can be very helpful, particularly if you’re looking to reduce downtime. Encourage employees to stay a little later and pack up boxes together in return for prizes. Incentives may include being allowed to leave the new office a little bit early one Friday or getting to choose exactly where they sit in the new office.

Set up a drinks and snack station

If the coffee machine in your current office is a bit worse for wear or you lack a good selection of fruity teas, an office relocation is the perfect opportunity to improve your selection of refreshments for employees – and get them excited about your new office. Ask your employees what they’d like to see in your new kitchen and if there is anything that is missing for them. For example, an extra fridge might be necessary if your team is quickly growing, or employees may appreciate access to fresh fruit to snack on.

Reward your employees and show them that you value them by providing a decent snack station with a water-cooler, tea and coffee supplies and snacks. When employees are working hard in your new office, you’ll want to ensure that they remain hydrated and focused. This means ensuring that they have everything they need, including drinks and snacks!

Celebrate your office move

Once you’ve moved into your new office, it’s important that you reward everyone for their hard work and cooperation throughout the move. Remember, an office move can be a big deal for many people, particularly if they have to change their commute or find a new way to get to work. Organising a small office party to celebrate the success of your office move will not only give employees something to look forward to during the move, but it will also make them feel excited about their new work environment. It can also be a great opportunity to show off your new office to clients and customers too!

You could even go the extra mile to make employees feel as welcome as possible in their new workspace by providing ‘New Office Welcome Packs’ for everyone. These packs may include information about the new building, neighbouring facilities and a bit of information about your new location. Personalised mugs or mouse mats are also a great way to express your gratitude to employees and make them feel welcome in their new work environment.

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