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How to Pick the Right House Moving Company: 5 Things to Look for

Moving house is already stressful, with extensive paperwork, large legal fees and anxiety about how your family will cope with the move. Add to this dealing with an unreliable, unpunctual and disrespectful removal company and you’ll have even more worries than is needed. One of the best ways to have a stress-free house move is to invest in quality removal services so that you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive at your new home safe, intact and on time.

To find the best removal service in your area, here are five things to look for.


Are they competent? You’ll need a removal team that is on time, won’t drop, break or lose items and know exactly what they are doing. An experienced team will know exactly what they are doing. So if you speak to the house moving company beforehand, whether on the phone or in person, check that they know what they’re talking about and can guide you in the right direction.


From the moment you first call or email the house moving company, they should show professionalism. Are their staff friendly, do they treat you with respect and offer advice and guidance? Do you feel that they are going to carry out your house move with ease? They should be punctual, friendly and be able to meet the deadlines.


You are paying the house moving company for their time, so are they making good use of it? Do they get paperwork completed on time, and most importantly will they show up on time on the day of the move? Moving homes in one day takes a lot of time and energy, so if they aren’t showing up at the right time to get the move started, you are losing out. You can check what others thought of their service through online reviews, testimonials, or word of mouth.

Good communicators

Your home moving company should be great communicators. They should let you know how the move is going to work as well as listen to your needs. Good communication involves giving and receiving information well.

Accurate quotes

The last thing you want once your move is complete is to be faced with huge, unexpected bills. Check with previous customers that the removal service didn’t overcharge or cost what you expected it to.

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