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How to Prepare Your Property For Viewings

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How to Prepare Your Property For Viewings

Selling your current property and moving into a brand new home can be an exciting yet stressful process. With so much to think about and consider, your to-do list can seem never ending – but don’t worry, if your current property is finally on the market, lots of the hard work has already been done.

Whether you’ve already got some viewings booked in or you’re just about to accept some, it’s important your property is prepared. Finding the right buyer for your home isn’t always the easiest of tasks and therefore it’s crucial your home looks its very best when selling up – not only to ensure you get your full asking price, but to make sure you attract the right viewers too.

To give you a hand, we’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare your home for viewings.

Focus on kerb appeal

The first thing people see when they drive up to your house is the exterior and therefore it’s important the home looks great from the street. First impressions are extremely important; you want the viewer to feel like they want to come in and see more. Make sure your outside space is tidy and neat; mow the lawn, clear the pathways, trim back hedges and fix the front gate. These small changes can truly make all the difference!

Declutter inside

It can be difficult for viewers to picture themselves in your home if it’s cluttered with all of your belongings. While you of course can’t move everything out before you move into your new property, you can have a good declutter and remove anything taking up unnecessary space. Decluttering your home and putting a few items into storage will open up rooms in your home and make it feel more spacious.

Complete any quick fixes

If there’s a few tasks you’ve been putting off, now is the time to get them done. Whether it’s a broken door handle, a faulty lock or your kitchen cupboard is hanging off its hinges, make sure these small jobs are fixed before anyone views your home. All these quick fixes will make your home look more presentable and appealing.

Be prepared for questions

People viewing your property are likely going to have a lot of questions, so it’s best to be prepared for them. Common questions sellers are asked include how long the property has been on the market, why they’re moving house, what the area or neighbours are like and whether they’re willing to take offers. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, remember you can refer to your estate agent who can advise you.

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