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How to Safely Move Large Furniture and Appliances During Your Removal

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Moving requires a lot of packing. You may end up with dozens of boxes or containers full of your possessions. However, there are other items that are too large to fit into a box and require special precautions during your removal. These items include large pieces of furniture and home appliances.

When planning house removals, you should use the following tips to ensure that your furniture and appliances are safely transported.

Measure Everything Before Moving

Before you attempt to move heavy items, you should measure. Measure the furniture or appliance that you plan to move and the openings or doorways that it must pass through. You want to ensure that the item can fit through the path that you take.

Shield Your Furniture with Blankets

Wood furniture, metal appliances, and other items that are easily scratched or dented should be protected when moving. The easiest solution is to add blankets around the corners or edges of the furniture or appliance. You can use old blankets or purchase furniture blankets.

Protect Your Walls and Floors

Along with protecting your furniture and appliances, you should protect the house. Clear any objects from the path that you will take to move the furniture and appliances. You may also want to tape blankets on corners to avoid damaging the plaster or drywall if you accidentally hit the wall.

The floors may also need protection. The use of sliders or gliders that are placed on the feet of the appliance or furniture will prevent scraping the floors. If you have hardwood flooring, these steps can help you avoid unnecessary scratches.

Empty the Contents of the Furniture

When moving dressers, cabinets, fridges, freezers, and other furniture or appliances that are used for storage, you should first empty everything. The doors or drawers should also be secured, using bungee cords or straps. This will prevent the doors from opening while carrying the item, which can create a major tripping hazard.

Use the Correct Moving Equipment

With the precautions discussed completed, you can begin moving your furniture or appliances. To safely move these items, you should use the right equipment. Move heavy items with a dolly, furniture straps, or the help of several people.

These same precautions apply to the process of moving your furniture or appliances into your new home. You should measure the doorways and hallways to ensure that your items will fit. You should also keep the blankets on the items until they are in the room where they belong.

Along with these tips, you could consider working with a specialist mover. Removal experts have experience moving heavy items.

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