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How to stay merry during your Christmas move

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How to stay merry during your Christmas move

Will you be in by Christmas? It’s the big question everyone wants to know the answer to if you’re moving at the end of the year. Rushing to get into your new home before the holidays can be stressful and the process may feel a little overwhelming. However, if you’re moving this December and wondering how to get through it then start by reading through our tips on how to stay merry during your Christmas move.

Have a pre-Christmas clearout

Moving gives you the opportunity to declutter and get rid of any old or disused items that you may be hoarding. Christmas is the season of giving and receiving, so it’s likely that you will have a load of things to put in your new home. Don’t just put everything in the bin however, sell your items online through resale apps or give away items on local Facebook groups or to your nearest charity shop.

Organise your packing

When you’re packing you should imagine your future self unpacking in your new home. Make it easy by categorising items together by type or by room with clear labelling so that your house moving company can easily put the right boxes in the right rooms. If you are moving just before Christmas Day, you will want to have easy access to things like decorations and presents so that you can enjoy some Christmas spirit even if you have barely unpacked and are surrounded by boxes.

Be prepared for bad weather

One thing you should think about when moving in December is the predictably bad weather. Check the weather forecast for your moving day so you have an idea of what elements you might be battling. Keep salt or grit and hand shovels on hand in case of any snow or ice so you’re able to clear pathways. This keeps you and your removal company safe when packing and unpacking the van. As the days are shorter, you might also want to keep a torch on hand.

Book a removal company in advance

As soon as you have your moving date you should book your removal company as they tend to get booked up quite quickly during this time of year. Research several removal companies and ask for quotes to get the most suitable deal for you. Don’t forget to look at reviews and testimonials to see what other people say about their service.

Need a removal company this Christmas?

If you’re moving home this December and need a removal company then look no further. Essex Removals offer fully insured home removals services in Essex. We can take the stress out of moving by packing, moving, and unpacking all of your items into your new home. We also offer document storage, international shipping, and secure storage services. So if you’re looking for a house moving company, get in touch today for a quote.


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