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Make House Viewings Simpler With These Top Tips

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Make House Viewings Simpler With These Top Tips

The worst part of house or flat buying can be the search. You might find yourself spending hours upon hours scanning through property online, or repeating your desires to an estate agent who keeps pointing you in the direction of a one-bed flat when you need at least two. You may want a place you’d be happy to grow old in, with enough space for a family or to simply get a sense of independence by buying your own place. So finding the perfect property may be a lot harder than you think. But somehow, throughout all the trouble, you’ve managed to book a few house viewings. The problem now is, how to make the most of the viewing.

The House Viewing

It’s probably one of the most important parts of the process, as you need to make sure the place you’ve been eying up is actually right for you. Pictures and statistics about a property can only tell you so much about it, so seeing it is vital to get the full impression of the place. If you’re renting you want to know if it’s ideal for a short term solution, or if you’re buying you need to know everything about the place. Taking out a mortgage and investing in a new home is a big deal, so you need to make sure your potential forever home is the best match for you.

Here are some top tips to getting the most out of your house viewings, making this important stage as simple as possible.


You can find a lot of information about a potential property online. Make sure to read through the property description carefully so you know exactly what features have been advertised. There may be floor plans online that you can study, so you come equipped with a knowledge of the layout. This will save you time on the day trying to map out which room is which. If the property isn’t new, you can see what the property has previously sold for and other houses in the area, so you know whether the price is good. Use Google Street View to look at the street and surrounding area, to get an idea of the geography.

Take Your Time

Don’t just storm in, do a quick scan of all the rooms and leave. Take your time! You’ll often be given a specific amount of time for your viewing, so make the most of it and stay for the full viewing. Maybe assign a certain amount of time to each room, so you know each one is getting a full inspection. If you’re making the most of your time, you’re more likely to spot small details such as damp patches, cracks in the walls or strange smells. Not rushing will allow you to absorb more of the details of the property, leading you to make more of an informed decision about the property. You don’t want to go home and have forgotten all about the house because you didn’t examine it closely enough.

Make sure you examine as much as possible, this involves peeking in all the cupboards, closely examining paintwork and looking for any scratches or marks. If you’re planning on buying the property, the last thing you need is to be moving into a home covered in marks or with dodgy paintwork. Don’t be afraid to fully inspect the property, see how doors open, check out the size of wardrobes and check the water pressure. If this is going to be your home, you need to see that everything is perfect. Your estate agent has probably seen people do this hundreds of times before so don’t feel awkward by taking on a very hands-on approach. Also check the outside of the property, which a lot of people forget to do. Look for signs of damage or loose tiles on the roof. Outside damage can always lead to problems on the inside, so it needs to be inspected as thoroughly as the interior.

Come With Questions

From your research, you can probably come up with a long list of questions that you can ask. Think about which questions to prioritise so you can get all of the essential information you need. If after the viewing you still have questions, just email or call the estate agent to get the rest of your queries answered. Things to consider are asking about what you can’t see, such as the insulation and effectiveness of the heating. You don’t want to waste your valuable viewing time asking general questions that could easily be answered by the property description.

Take Pictures

Make sure you take pictures of everything for later reference. Even if you think you’ve remembered all the details in a room, pictures are a way of recalling something you may have forgotten. You can also show your family and friends who might be curious and find out their opinions. You might even zoom in and spot something in the picture that you didn’t notice in person.

Don’t Go Alone

Sometimes you need a different perspective on things, so bring a friend or family member with you. While you might be looking through rose-tinted glasses at the property, you can rely on their impartial view to be brutally honest. An estate agent will be focused on the positives of the property, while your friend or family can be on the lookout for any negatives and grill them for the truth.

If you’re buying with a partner, it’s definitely best to go to all house viewings together. Even if you are both on the same page about major requirements you might have slightly different opinions on the small stuff, so you both should examine the property. It might cause tension if you go alone and commit to something one of you doesn’t like, such as the size of the kitchen or a lack of ensuite.

Explore The Surroundings

When planning a move, it’s not just the property you need to consider, but the area around it. So before or after your viewing, have a look around. See if it’s convenient to walk to the nearest shop or locate the transport links. Every area is different, so you need to know exactly what’s about before you move in. If you’re planning on starting a family, research schools in the local area and look at their catchment areas. You don’t want to be missing out on the nearest school by a few hundred metres. Walk around the neighbourhood and get an impression of what it’s like. You should be able to see from the type of people you encounter whether you think you will fit in around there.

If you don’t drive, you must consider whether the property is near a bus or train station, as these might be essential for you getting around, so you don’t want them being a half-hour walk away. What shops are about is an important thing to consider. It’s normally best for there to be a large and a small food shop nearby, so you can do both your big shop and pop out for one or two things if needed. If you’re moving to a more rural property, figure out how far it is from the nearest town or city. You might like the possibility of going into the city on the weekend, which won’t be as convenient if it’s an hour away.

Don’t Rush In

Your first viewing might have been a blur by the time you leave, the excitement of property making you forget details. So why not book and go again! Giving yourself a bit of time and space to think is the correct way to make a sensible decision. You can think of any additional questions you might want to ask that you didn’t think of before. Consider trying to book at a different time of day, so you can see what the property looks like in the day and at night. A second viewing also ensures you don’t rush into a property immediately, giving you time to think everything through.

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