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Moving House with Dogs: Tips To Help Them Settle In

With all the planning, packing and organising, moving is a stressful experience for us humans. Our pets feed off our emotions and can pick up on this stress, having a big impact on them too. If you’re planning a move, make sure to put strategies in place to make your dog feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the moving process.

Read on to hear our tips for moving house with pets to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before Moving

Alternative Arrangements

Moving can cause a lot of commotion, with lots of people coming in and out of the house. If your dog gets disturbed by loud noises or unfamiliar people, it might be a good idea to leave them with someone they are familiar with.


Dogs are used to routines of eating, walking and sleeping and it gives them a sense of security in their home. Leading up to moving day, try to keep your routine as consistent as possible to keep their stress levels down.


Dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) is the pheromone that female dogs release after having puppies, which makes them feel safe and calm. Plug-in diffusers or collars that are infused with DAP have the same calming effect on adult dogs. These pheromone therapies can be started 24 hours before moving day to help them stay relaxed.

On Moving Day

Prepare For The Journey

Before beginning your journey, don’t forget to give your dog time to stretch their legs and do their business in surroundings that they are used to. If the journey is particularly long, giving them a substantial walk can tire them out to help them sleep in the car. Likewise, if the place you are moving to is close by, taking your pet to walk around the area before you move can get them used to all the new smells.

Dedicated Pet Space

With all the chaos of packing and loading boxes into moving vehicles, ensure your pet’s space is in the last room to be emptied to minimise disruption. Keep them as calm as possible by giving them access to anything they might want like water, toys etc.

Scent Swapping

Once you have arrived at the new house, set up the same dedicated pet space in one of the rooms to allow the dog to settle in while you focus on bringing in your belongings. Scents help the dog to identify an area as theirs, bringing items like blankets and toys that smell like home will comfort them.

Check In With Your Dog

While you are moving in, remember to regularly check in with your dog to see how they’re coping. Giving your pet more affection than normal will make them happier and more relaxed.

Removal Company

At Essex Removals, we’re a pet-friendly removal company whose goal is to make moving house a stress-free experience for you and your pets. Our talented logistical team plans every step of the home removal meticulously so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. 

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