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New year, new office: resolutions for your new workplace

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New year, new office: resolutions for your new workplace

Reduce energy output and save on bills

We’re all aware of the energy price hikes that have happened over the past year. With that in mind, use your office relocation as a chance to cut down on your use of energy in the office. A pledge to use less energy is a great new years resolution and is beneficial to the planet as well as the business accounts. There are plenty of changes you can make to improve energy efficiency in your office such as turning down the thermostat, investing in double glazing, and ensuring that there are no draughts from the doors or windows.

Invest in the physical environment

Employee productivity is directly impacted by air quality and lighting and is a great new year’s resolution. Poor quality indoor air has been linked to a range of health problems, ranging from the common cold to coronavirus and even heart disease. This impacts directly employee productivity and well-being but is relatively simple to improve. Invest in a good quality air conditioning unit and make sure that those windows are regularly opened to allow fresh air into the office space. Additionally, purchase a few pot plants and distribute them around the office. Plants not only have natural air-cleansing qualities but they will also add an attractive decorative touch to your office relocation.

Likewise if possible you should make sure that your office has some natural light. If that isn’t an option, ensure that you have good quality lighting throughout the workplace and use light pleasant colours on the walls.

Regularly maintain the space

Perhaps one of the reasons for your office relocation is due to poor facilities or neglected maintenance. Now you’re moving to a new office space, make a new year’s resolution to report any issues in a timely manner and get them fixed as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the water cooler to break or the paint to peel but get the office maintained on a regular basis. Your employees will thank you for it.

Book an office moving company

As soon as you have your moving date you should book your office removal company as they tend to get booked up quite quickly during this time of year. Research several removal companies and ask for quotes to get the most suitable deal for you. Don’t forget to look at reviews and testimonials to see what other people say about their service.

Thinking of office relocation in the new year?

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