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New Year, New Space: Tips on Decluttering Post-Christmas

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While the joy of the Christmas period leaves us with wonderful memories and a sense of warmth, it also leaves us with an abundance of decorations, gifts and general clutter. As we head into the New Year, with many of us making resolutions around ways we can improve our lives, now’s the perfect time to have a big clearout and create a fresh, organised living space. If you’ve recently celebrated Christmas and find yourself surrounded by the aftermath of festive cheer, worry not. In this blog, we’ll give you some top tips on tackling the post-holiday purge, and how enlisting the help of a container storage company can help make the process that much easier.

Start with a Plan

Before diving into the decluttering process, take a moment to make a plan. Create a checklist of areas in your home that you want to declutter to give your clearout some structure, and identify items that are no longer needed, damaged or simply taking up unnecessary space. Having a plan in place will make the entire process more efficient and less overwhelming.

Repurpose Unwanted Gifts

We’ve all received those presents that make us question whether our loved ones know us at all. The diet plan, the niche kitchen gadget, the bad romance novel: in times like these, it’s worth embracing the art of letting things go and finding a new home for these unwanted gifts. Organise an exchange party with friends – after all, the scented candle that smells unpleasant to you might be someone else’s treasure – and for gifts you simply cannot find a home for, your local charity shops will welcome them with open arms. Although it can feel wrong to get rid of something you bought, remember that it’s the thought that counts, and rehoming these gifts is ultimately a thoughtful act in itself.

Be Smart About Wrapping Paper

Post-Christmas, it’s natural for our floors to look a bit like a wrapping paper battleground. But before you start tossing it all away, it’s important to sort through the mess. The good news is that many types of wrapping paper are recyclable, but beware – the ones with glitter on them are not. However, the non-recyclables give you a chance to get creative: not only do they make excellent drawer liners, but the scraps are also perfect for making paper chains and other homemade decorations for next year’s festivities. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your next holiday season!

Decorations Detox

As you take down each tree bauble and strand of lights, it’s a good time to reflect on your decorations inventory. Which decorations do you enjoy each year, and which fade into the background? Sort through them with a sustainable eye, and consider donating unwanted items to charity shops, community centres or local schools. Pack away the ‘keeps’ carefully, and while you’re at it, why not make sure the fairy lights are untangled – your future self will thank you next year!

Tree Be Gone

For many homes, the Christmas tree is the very heart of holiday decor. But as the New Year rolls around, it’s time to bid farewell. If you have a real tree that’s getting a bit dry, check local options for recycling – your tree can enjoy a second life as mulch for gardens and local parks. On the other hand, if your trusty artificial tree has seen its last Christmas, you could try donating it to a local community centre, school or family in need (along with the unwanted decorations we mentioned above). This is a wonderful way to extend the festive cheer beyond your living room.

Consider Container Storage

Of course, not everything you own needs to be discarded during the decluttering process, but you still might be stuck somewhere to keep sentimental or festive items that you don’t want on display all year round. This is where container storage comes into play. Consider placing sentimental Christmas decorations, family heirlooms or other seasonal items in a container for safekeeping. This not only helps to clear a good amount of clutter from your home, but also gives you peace of mind that these cherished items are well-preserved until the next festive season.

What are the Benefits of Container Storage?

Whether you’re moving home or simply need some extra space, self-storage units can be an invaluable aid that provide several benefits to make your life easier. While all forms of storage unit can be useful for many reasons, there are certain unique advantages to container storage that we’ll take a look at below.


One of the biggest perks of container storage is the accessibility they offer. Many storage facilities typically offer 24-hour access to customers, granting you the freedom and flexibility to visit your unit on your own terms. Knowing that you can access your items whenever you need to will make picking up and dropping off items that much easier.

Size Variety

Container storage units are available in a wide variety of sizes, but typically they tend to be larger and more spacious than traditional self-storage units. Due to their spaciousness, container storage is particularly handy for storing larger items, like furniture and tools, that you don’t want in your home all year round. Whatever size unit you’re looking to rent, storage companies can offer you flexible solutions to meet your needs.


Container storage is a surefire way to save you money in the long run, as there are fewer overheads and additional features than traditional self-storage options. The flexible agreements that self-storage companies offer is ideal for eliminating the added cost of long-term or fixed-term contracts, meaning that you’ll only pay for the time you actually need your unit.

Reliable Security

Even if your home is fenced in, sentimental or expensive items stored without the right security measures are susceptible to theft. Securable storage containers are a reliable, robust way to keep large or valuable items out of harm’s way. With corrugated steel walls and a chain lock, storage containers present a sizable challenge to even the most determined of thieves. As an added bonus, storage facilities have stringent security monitoring procedures, so you can rest assured that there is always someone watching over your precious belongings.

Don’t Forget Packing Supplies

Whether you’re donating your clutter or simply storing certain belongings away for the time being, having the right packing supplies to hand is a key final step in the clearout process. From sturdy boxes to bubble wrap and packing tape, investing in proper packing supplies ensures that all items are protected during transportation or storage. After all, you don’t want to give something away that is broken by the time it makes it to a new home, nor do you want to leave sentimental belongings unprotected. Though you might be tempted to just use whatever you have lying around the house, the payoff of using quality packing materials is well worth it.

Container Storage Solutions & Packing Supplies in Brentwood

As you bid farewell to the holiday season, take advantage of the opportunity to start the New Year off right with a clutter-free home. Fortunately, the team at Essex Removals are here to help you achieve this goal. We’ve been helping homeowners and businesses keep their belongings safe and secure for over 25 years, and we can do the same for you. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store sentimental items whilst you get organised, or need packing supplies to keep your belongings safe and tidy, we can provide you with comprehensive storage and packing solutions – all tailored to your needs.

We know that it’s challenging to place your trust in others to take care of your prized possessions, which is why we provide free insurance worth up to £50,000 for your peace of mind. However, you can feel confident that your items will remain safe at our secure facility indefinitely. So, start 2024 as you mean to go on and don’t delay: get in touch with Essex Removals today by calling  02085956467 to find out more about our services.


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