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Protect Your Valuables: Fine Art & Antique Removals

Any kind of move can be stressful. Whether you’re moving home with your family, flying solo to a new country, or relocating your office, packing up and moving on can be a pretty hefty task. Moving with valuable items however, can put even more stress on your plate. Fine art, pianos and antiques can seem like a difficulty to transport, especially miles and miles away. Properly protecting your beloved items is extremely important during a move, and our blog is here to help. To learn more about the process of transporting your antiques or fine art during a move and how you can protect them to the best of your ability, keep on reading! 

Why Fine Art & Antiques Are So Important 

Fine art and antiques are deemed extremely valuable in our society, and they hold a great significance. But, why are these items so important, and why do they need to be looked after with such care? Read below to understand why these items are so valuable. 

Cultural Significance 

Fine art, pianos and antiques are a huge part of culture, and they retain a cultural significance over time. For arts and various cultures, these pieces of artwork and old antiques can be priceless. As they grow in value over time, protecting them and keeping these items in great condition grows more important. Each piece of historical art or an antique comes with a story and a history which needs to be preserved.  

Economic Value

Due to the history and cultural significance of these items, they often have a high economical value. Antiques are often worth a lot of money, and fine art pieces are also worth a lot. Their cultural significance makes them valuable items, however, any damage or imperfections can quickly make them lose their value. 


Antiques, art pieces, pianos and other valuable items can also have a great personal significance that inspires you to keep them safe and secure. They may have been passed down for generations, or be family heirlooms of incredible significance. These precious items can often hold a lot of sentimental family value, making them almost priceless! 

Pre-Move Preparation 

Before you get on with your move, there is a lot of detailed planning and preparation that needs to be carried out first. Read below to find our checklist of preparation before moving your antiques. 


Making a checklist of inventory is key when preparing for your move. By having an inventory list, you can easily organise all your belongings, including your antique and precious items. Staying organised will help you avoid stress and keep you on top of all your items. When packing up your belongings, be sure to pack systematically, and keep an inventory list as you go. Label your boxes in accordance, and ensure everything is labelled or accounted for. When it comes to setting up in your new location, this will make your life much easier!

Taking Photos 

Taking photos of your valuable items pre-move is a vital step that many people may not think of. If your items sustain any damage before the move, you may not have sufficient evidence to make a claim or get compensation. By taking photos of your items before the move, you have good evidence and grounds for comparison in the case that something is damaged. 

Choosing A Removals Service 

Choosing a removal service is another key part of your preparation before your move. A removals service can help take a lot of the pressure off you during the move, and ensure that your move runs as smoothly as possible. You should definitely seek out a removals company that can cater to your needs, and tailor their services to help accommodate your valuables. Check out our removals services here on our website!

Packing Advice For Fine Art & Antique Removal 

When packing up your precious items, there are key steps and packing materials to consider to keep your items as safe as possible. We’ve created a small guide so that you know exactly what you need to protect your belongings during your move. 

Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to wrapping and packing your antique objects or precious belongings. The transparent material is filled with air bubbles, which provide an excellent cushioning for your item, protecting it during transportation. By absorbing shocks and providing suitable protection, bubble wrap is a great choice for wrapping your items. It is a versatile material that can be used for both small, delicate possessions and larger pieces. 

Custom Crates 

Custom crates can be made from wood, or heavy-duty cardboard. They are a great solution for protecting your fine art or antique pieces, as they can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your items, ensuring they are properly secured for the move. You can have a professional measure the dimensions of your antique so that they can build a crate that fits properly. Extra padding, foam and cushioning may be added to your crate for extra security, protecting your item from impacts. 

Corner Protectors 

You can find a range of corner protectors out there, ranging in material. From cardboard and foam to plastic, corner protectors are a great way to protect vulnerable corners from chips and dents. If your item has corners exposed that you want to protect, look into some sturdy corner protectors. They should fit snugly and simply over the corners of your antique or fine art, protecting it during transit. For art pieces, this can be especially helpful, keeping frames and canvases intact. 

Sturdy Boxes 

Heavy duty cardboard boxes are another secure way to transport your precious belongings from A to B. They come in a range of sizes, so you can accommodate large and small items that you want to protect. You can reinforce the boxes with packing tape, and even add extra cushioning like bubble wrap inside the box for extra protection. Packing peanuts and even blankets can be used inside your cardboard box to further protect your items. 

Unpacking & Setting Up 

When it comes to unpacking, there are a few things you need to be mindful of before the move is complete. Fine art removals and antique pieces need to be carefully accounted for following your move. Read below to learn more.  

Unpack Methodically 

If you created a careful list of inventory prior to your move, you will be able to unpack methodically and hopefully without too much stress. Be sure to unpack box by box with your inventory list, and ensure that all of your items are accounted for. If you do notice some items are missing, you can always reach out to your removals service and see if any boxes have been left in the movers van. 

Check Your Items 

Definitely carry out a careful check on all of your items, especially any of your antique and valuable belongings. Checking for damage is essential, and should be a key part of your unpacking process. Making sure that any of your belongings, especially your valuables is crucial. If you do find any damage, you should report this to your moving company and take photos of any damaged items. 

Essex Removals: Your Antique Removals Service In Brentwood

Moving antiques, pianos and fine art pieces doesn’t have to be the hassle you think it is. Here at Essex Removals, we specialise in a range of removal services to help you get your precious items from A to B. Whether you’re moving halfway across the country, or halfway across the world, we can help you get your items to you safely and securely. 

We understand that moving fine art and valuable items takes careful planning & consideration, which is why our services ensure that your items are protected throughout the process. 

Operating across the Brentwood area and surrounding locations, our team is ready to help you get to your new location securely. To learn more about our removals service, feel free to check out our website. Alternatively you can get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you with antique removals and fine art removals. 


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