Questions to Ask Storage Companies Before You Use Their Services

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Storage companies offer a way to keep belongings you don’t want to get rid of, but that you also don’t want in your home. You can put these items into storage and they are always accessible when you need them. However, they’re also out of your home and allow you to make better use of your living space.

You can store everything from furniture to boxes of winter clothing. There’s no limit to what you can tuck away for later use, so go mad and empty out your home. However, there are a few questions you may wish to ask before you decide to start packing boxes and eliminating things from your home.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Storage Units

With a few specific questions, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the service.

How Much Does Storage Cost?

You’ll want to know exactly how much you need to budget. You should also ask if it’s cheaper to pay by the year or if there are any special offers you ought to know about.

Is Insurance Included in the Price?

Not all companies offer the same options when it comes to insurance. It may be included in the price or you may need to pay separately. Sometimes, certain insurance is included and you may need to add more if you want specific protections, such as fire or flood.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Sometimes, you’ll find a storage company that lists their price as very low, but when you look into it, there are hidden fees everywhere. It’s normal to include a security deposit, as well as an administration fee. However, if you keep getting billed for unexpected amounts, which were not made clear up front, you are probably dealing with scammers.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

If you’re moving away or if you’ll be travelling a lot, it can be difficult to stay on top of the payments for your storage unit. Find out if automatic payments or online payments are permitted. These can make it much simpler to stay on top of your rent and you can pay from anywhere in the world.

What Security Measures Are Included?

You should always ask about security to make sure your belongings are safe. Even if you are storing heirloom furniture that you can’t use anymore, it’s worth having it protected.

A storage unit will likely have several security measures, including locks, high walls, gates, and guards. They will likely have cameras, as well, and high level lighting. You may wish to check that the security cameras are actually working, as these may be simply faux cameras.

Do You Offer Climate Controlled Units?

If you have items that require special care, you may want to look for a storage space that offers climate control. This prevents the unit from getting too hot or cold and will also help monitor humidity.

Not all items need this, but some more delicate belongings may require more care than the average storage unit. If you wouldn’t store it in your garage, you shouldn’t keep it in an unheated storage unit.

Do You Offer Packing Help?

If you’re not interested in packing everything yourself, you may wish to have the experts do it for you. Some removal companies offer extra services, such as packing or even picking up your belongings at your home.

With storage containers, you may be able to pack the unit at your home and the company will then take it to store on their property. It can eliminate the difficulty of getting everything to the unit in the first place, as the container comes directly to you.

When Can I Access My Belongings?

Some companies allow 24 hour access, but these are fairly rare. If you tend to operate at odd hours and may need to enter your unit in the wee hours of the morning, find a place that will allow it.

Otherwise, you’re likely to have specific office hours that you need to follow. Some storage companies will make special exceptions from time to time, if you need access after hours, but you shouldn’t depend upon this, as someone will need to be in the office at that time.

What Unit Sizes Are Available?

The size of the unit will be determined by how much you have to store. However, not all storage facilities offer varying sizes of units, so you should always ask about what is available. This will also help you pare down what you intend to store and you can ask for a larger unit, if necessary.

How Are Pests Handled?

A storage facility is the perfect place for pests. From cockroaches to mice, there’s always a possibility that creatures will be trying to get into your unit. Ideally, the company takes an aggressive approach to pests. They should have a fumigator come in regularly to ensure the storage units are clean and pest free.

What is Not Permitted?

Most storage units permit a wide variety of items, but certain things may be off limits. For example, explosives could pose a risk to everyone. Food and drink is usually not permitted either, as it can cause issues with rodents and smells.

What Additional Amenities Do You Offer?

Storage facilities don’t just offer storage. Sometimes, they have additional amenities, such as a business centre, car wash, or something else that makes it stand out from the competition. You will only find out about these special offers if you ask.

Do You Allow Tours?

It’s a good idea to take a look at the storage unit before you rent there. Like a flat, you want to be sure it’s in good condition and contains sufficient space for your belongings. Ask for a tour before committing. You should note any security measures and the size of the units.

Moving Abroad: Should You Store It?

If you are planning to move abroad, you may wonder if it’s worth storing your belongings. After all, it’s rarely practical to haul everything with you, even if removal companies offer that option. Instead, you should go through everything you own and decide if it is worth taking along.

You’ll have three categories for your home furnishings and, indeed, all of your belongings.

Take: Chances are high that you have a few things you simply must take with you to your new home. Family heirlooms or little treasures that you’ve collected over the years are likely too precious to leave behind. These things will go with you, properly packed. House removals are ideal for helping you pack up the things you wish to bring along. Remember that the larger the lorry, however, the more you’ll pay.

Rubbish: Anything you no longer want or feel isn’t worth paying to keep, you should get rid of. You can either rent a skip to get rid of your unwanted items or you can sell or donate the belongings. Furniture in good condition may be quite needed in some areas, so it can be worth giving it to someone who will appreciate the item.

Store: Finally, anything you wish to keep, but do not wish to take with you to your new home, shall be stored. You may hire a removal company in order to aid you with the packing and moving the items to the storage unit. In some cases, the storage company may offer transportation for an extra fee.

Whatever you decide for your belongings, you will find that it’s easier to make decisions now, before you are in the midst of moving. You can choose which items will be taken to the skip, which will be stored, and then you can pack up the remainder to take with you on your journey.

Office Removals

Planning an office move? Whether you are downsizing or simply replacing furniture, you may wish to store some of your office items for later use. Storage units are also useful when it comes to storing documents and boxes of goods that you no longer use, but need to keep. If it comes down to it, you should be able to pick up the boxes or files and go through them.

An office removal company can help you pack everything up and put it away in storage. Again, the storage company may offer this as a choice. Either way, you will have your files and documents near enough that they are accessible, but out of the office so you can make better use of the space.

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