Should You Use a Packing Service for Your Move

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Moving, whether it’s across the city or to another country, can be draining. It’s quite a lot to go through your entire home and pack everything up for the removers. What if you could save yourself the trouble and get someone else to do all the packing for you? That’s exactly what a packing service does.

What Does a Packing Service Include?

Every service is different and some offer levels of service, so you should familiarise yourself with the offerings before you hire anyone. However, there are a few different basics that you can expect.

In most cases, the packing service will include all packing materials necessary and you can relax, knowing they’ll manage it all. The packers will wrap any fragile items and store them carefully in boxes with intent to keep the items safe while they are in transit. Anything else you have designated for packing will also be put away carefully.

Some services include packing the truck once all your belongings are taken care of. They will load beds and large pieces of furniture, as well as all the boxes. This can be a very useful service, since they have the experience to fit as much as possible into the remover’s lorry.

If you find it particularly difficult to deal with moving, you may want to make it easier on yourself by looking for a full service remover. The packers will not only pack everything up for you, they will also take the time to load the lorry and then unload it and unpack the basics in your new home.

When you arrive, you’ll be ready to start cooking and living and will only need to arrange the home the way you wish. The kitchen will already be unpacked and ready to function.

You can spend the night in a hotel while the packing service ensures your home is ready for you to move into. It makes the entire process much simpler and is ideal if you’re moving with children or anyone who has limited mobility.

What You Still Need to Do

Despite hiring a packing service, you’ll still need to manage some things on your own. For example, a packing service cannot determine what items you wish to take to the skip. You will need to go through everything and determine what you wish to keep. If you plan to store items, you can set them aside for that, as well.

While your part is not large, you will still need to ensure that only what you really want is packed. The best way to do this is to eliminate anything you wish to donate or sell ahead of time.

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