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Six Top Tips for Moving House in Winter

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Six Top Tips for Moving House in Winter

It’s official – winter is just around the corner. If you’re moving house in the next few months, it’s important to start preparing as early as possible; after all, moving house in the colder months can be more challenging than moving during summer. There are additional challenges you need to take into consideration (such as the UK’s unpredictable weather!), so follow our top tips for planning a successful and hassle-free house move this winter.

Start packing as early as possible

Winter is one of the busiest times of the year! Although this year might look a little different, winter is typically the season of office parties, family get-togethers and last-minute festive shopping. Bear this in mind when planning your house move and start packing as early as possible!

Protect your belongings from the cold weather

It’s also important to protect your belongings from the wet and cold as you transport them to your new property. If it’s raining or snowing, even the short trip from the removals van to your house could be enough to damage your possessions if they aren’t in sealed boxes or containers. Make sure all electricals and valuables are sealed in bubble wrap and carried in waterproof boxes with lids.

Wear warm, waterproof clothes

On the day, make sure you’re wearing warm and waterproof clothes! Moving your belongings to your new property can take a whole day, and while it’s recommended that you hire professional movers to assist you, you’re likely to be in and out of the house all day yourself. Prepare for this by setting aside a winter-appropriate moving outfit.

Pack a winter-appropriate essentials box

One of the easiest ways to make moving house less stressful is to pack an essentials box. This should contain everything you need to enjoy the first night in your new home comfortably. If you’re moving house in winter, make sure your essentials box contains extra warm clothes, blankets, umbrellas, bin bags for wet fabrics and everything you’d need to make a hot drink on arrival.

Protect your new property’s floors

The last thing you want is to spend the days following the move mopping up mud and ice from the floor of your new home. Before you start unloading boxes from the removals van, lay doormats for people to wipe their feet and tarpaulins to protect carpets and floors from wet shoes.

Hire a removals company to help with moving day

Taking care of a house move yourself can be challenging. Hiring a removals company will help you speed up the process and take lots of stress out of the move. Not only this but hiring a removals company can make your move safer and more efficient during the winter. For instance:

  • Removalists are experts in their field. They will be able to move your valuables – including bulky furniture and pianos – quickly and safely. This will minimise their exposure to the elements and keep them protected against the frost.
  • Removalists will have vehicles large enough to take your belongings in one or two trips. This will prevent you from having to drive back and forth multiple times in harsh weather conditions.

Hiring a removals company is always a good idea (no matter what time of year it is!). If you’re based in Essex or the surrounding areas, then you needn’t look further than Essex Removals for a first-rate removals service. Whether you’re moving across the road or the globe, we’re here to make your relocation easier. Contact us today for more information.


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