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Specialist Removal Services: 5 Tips for The Removal of Antiques and Delicate Items in Essex

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No two removal jobs are ever the same which is why you should always ensure that the steps and precautions you take when planning a move are unique to your circumstances. This is even more so the case if you’re relocating fragile or delicate items which are prone to damage by careless treatment.

If you need to relocate your possessions which contain a number of expensive or delicate items, there are several additional steps that you should take over and above those you would for a regular house move.

1. Find Suitable Removals Containers or Boxes

The key to ensuring that everything you’re relocating arrives in one piece is to ensure that they’re packed into appropriate boxes. The boxes you procure should be sturdy and feature their own removable lid rather than the flaps present on most regular cardboard boxes.
The best option is to make use of boxes and containers that were specifically designed for house removals which can usually be obtained from any company offering short and long-term storage solutions.

2. Utilise Additional Protection

The next step is to make sure that your containers are as secure as possible. The most common way to do so is by lining each box or container with an appropriate amount of bubble wrap along the bottom and the sides, making sure it stays in place with the use of adhesive tape.
This added layer of protection is going to ensure that your belongings remain safe during transit.

3. Pack Strategically

You should always ensure that delicate items are packed into a box of their own or packed with items that can’t damage each other. Packing a glass vase in the same box as a heavy steel candle holder would be a bad idea.

Once you’ve located suitable items to pack together, make sure that you use liberal amounts of bubble wrap and newspaper, both to wrap each item and to act as additional padding.

4. Label Each Box

It is important that each box is labelled properly. Proper labelling constitutes listing details of the items contained as well as their fragile nature. You will find that you can buy parcel tape which has the world ‘fragile’ written on it; perfect for sealing each box.

5. Hire a Specialist Mover

When choosing a removals firm to assist with your relocation, you should always ensure that they have expertise in the safe handling of delicate and fragile cargo. This expertise should include the packing of your delicate items on your behalf and the use of specialist equipment in their relocation.
Our specialism is in the removal of fine art, antiques and pianos as well as luxury and prestige vehicles, ensuring that every item we relocate is handled with the upmost care and attention.

Essex Removal Service & Co: Movers of Specialist Items Throughout Essex and the South East
We’ve been helping our customers move their fragile items in Essex and London for decades. If you require the services of a specialist mover for your delicate possessions, call us today on 01708 722 277. We also offer the option for overseas European removals to suit your individual requirements.

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