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Strike the right chord: tips for moving a piano

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Strike the right chord: tips for moving a piano

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move. They are heavy, awkward, and fragile. So before you try to move it yourself, you might want to consider using a piano moving company that specialises in piano removals. This is particularly true if you live alone or need to move the piano through a tight stairwell, down some stairs, or into a lift.

As pianos are heavy and often quite valuable, you could risk hurting yourself or causing damage to the instrument if you attempt to move it without the help of a professional piano removal service. However, if you have no other option, here are a few tips to help you safely move your piano without causing injury or damage.

Don’t try to move a piano without help

You should absolutely avoid trying to move a piano on your own. Not only are they extremely heavy but upright pianos carry their weight in the top half and may also have fragile legs or feet which makes them awkward to move. You should recruit at least three people to help if you want to avoid injury to your back or damage to the piano.

Hire the correct equipment

You’ll need to hire or buy moving straps that will provide a secure hold on the piano as well as fix it tightly to the removal van. Renting a piano dolly or trolley will also make things easier as it will support the weight of the piano. If you don’t have them already you’ll need to get hold of some moving blankets to provide padding around the piano which will protect it from scratches or bumps during the piano removals process.

Moving the piano

It is important that you don’t lift the piano by the legs or drag it along the floor. The legs are fragile and can easily snap under the piano’s weight. You must also keep the piano upright to protect the mechanics. Position two people on each end of the piano and place the moving straps under the piano’s bottom, with a strap on each end. With one person holding each end of each strap, lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Ensure that the piano is well secured.

Secure it in the removal van

Make sure the floor of the van used to move the piano is level. This will help relieve pressure on the piano legs during the move. If the floor is uneven, you can use planks. Use the moving straps to secure the piano tightly to the wall of the truck.

Need a piano moving company?

If you’re planning to move your piano, it’s likely you’ll need a specialist moving company. Essex Removals are on hand to help get your piano safely to your new home without any damage. We are experienced in antique removals and piano removals with an excellent track record. Visit our website for more information.


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