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The Ultimate Guide to Moving High-Value Items Safely

Removal services can be a helpful addition to any move, whether home removal or relocation abroad. If you own any high-value items, professional removal services are especially recommended. Moving valuable items requires meticulous planning and extreme care to prevent accidental damage or loss during the removal process.

Read on to learn more about planning and carrying out the moving process for high-value items.

Valuable Items

Valuable items are what you consider your most prized possessions, they may be worth a lot of money or be difficult to replace. Family heirlooms often fall into this category since they are unique and hold sentimental value. 

Other valuable items may include:

  • Antique Furniture
  • Glassware and Fine China
  • Fine Art
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Vintage Wines
  • Luxury Clothing

Planning The Move

When planning the move, write a checklist of all your valuable items that require special handling. That way, you can check off when you have packed and unpacked the items to stop them from getting lost or forgotten.

Research reliable moving companies in your area and remember to look at the reviews. Contact a removal company to request a quote to move your high-value items and ask about their insurance policy.


When your removal is booked, it’s time to pack your valuables. Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies like cardboard boxes, duct tape and bubble wrap to hand as you’ll need these to pack your items securely.

Use high-quality packing boxes that are sturdy and unlikely to break. With particularly fragile items like fine china, wrap each part separately with bubble wrap to prevent them from smashing during transportation.

Once items are packed up into boxes, label each one with its contents and cross it off your inventory list. Other labels like ‘fragile’, ‘heavy’ and ‘this side up’ are useful to tell the person lifting the boxes that extra care is needed. 


When loading boxes into the removal van, take great care when lifting the items and make sure they are positioned correctly. Anchor the boxes securely using ropes to keep the boxes safely in place during transit.

Consider hiring experienced professionals to transport your valuable items. Professional removal teams are experts at moving furniture and items of all sizes. They are familiar with all the best moving practices and provide packing services, transportation and unloading services to minimise the risk of accidental damage.


Once all your items have arrived at their new home, it’s time to unpack. There’s no need to rush here, inspect your items carefully for damage like scratches or chips. If any damage is found, take pictures and report it to your moving company to initiate a claim.

Essex Removals

At Essex Removals we understand that moving valuable possessions can be stressful, but we’re here to help! Our team of expert moving professionals have years of experience moving all types of high-value items. We offer a range of specialised removal services like packing services, antique removals and fine art removals to protect and transport your most treasured items, ensuring they are treated with care and respect. 

If you’re looking for a stress-free removal, contact us today for a free quote and bespoke moving plan.


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