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Three Reasons Why Location is so Important When House Hunting

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When trying to get on the property ladder or move to a new home considering the location is usually a top priority. Distance to your workplace, nearby schools and your family all are deciding factors, but it can be tempting to opt for a house outside of your ideal proximity if you’re running out of time however doing so may cause problems further down the line.

Never rush such a big decision as finding a new home for you and your family, instead use that time to research the area before you go ahead with making an offer. To help you out, this blog will discuss the importance of location when choosing a new neighbourhood.

Workplace and schools

It’s sensible to move to an area that’s relatively close to your workplace and your children’s school, and more importantly within any catchment areas. Long commutes are never fun, so reduce the amount of time you spend in traffic by moving close to your job. If you’re children are old enough to walk to school then having a school nearby means you don’t have to drop them off on the way to work.


When going for a house viewing it’s a good idea to ask about the neighbours, although your estate agent will probably explain things through rose-tinted glasses, you may be able to get some idea just by looking at their property. For example, a unkempt property with furniture in the front garden may be a reflection of those who live inside- if they don’t care about their home then they’re unlikely to care about disturbing yours.


Do you feel safe in the area? Your home should be the one place that you can relax in without fearing for your safety. A good way of judging the area is to visit the neighbourhood at three different times of the day- this will give you an idea of the movements in the street. If you’re going to be coming and going at night (if you work night shifts for example and simply enjoy going for evening jogs) then you must feel safe enough to do so.

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