Three Ways to Help Your Child Settle in to Your New Home

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Moving house can be a stressful time for the best of us, but when children are involved it can be confusing and even a little scary. From sleeping in a new bedroom, to saying goodbye to old friends, it’s important that you pay attention to how your child is reacting to these changes. Luckily, there are a few easy ways that you can help your child settle in and feel comfortable in their new environment. For three useful suggestions, this blog will explain all you need to know.

Make them a priority

In between all the packing and rushing around, it’s easy to forget how moving house can affect your child. Make them a priority by taking the time to keep them in the loop about the whole process, this will make them feel involved and a lot less anxious. The more you talk with your child, the more they will open up about how they’re feeling and you can reassure them about any of their worries. You could also start unpacking their belongings first, this way they can arrange them as they like and make their bedroom feel a lot more comfortable.

Show them the area

A great way of helping your child settle in, is to take them on a tour of the new house and surrounding area. Go through each room and explain what it will look like, what activities will take place in there and ask for their suggestions. If you can, give them time to explore the new home by themselves, or, incorporate fun games such as hide and seek or tag which gives them the opportunity to see every each of the house – this is an enjoyable way of learning more about the space. You might also choose to take a walk around the local area, perhaps there is a nearby park you can visit, or even practice the walk your child will take to get to school. These things will make it much less of a shock when you move in.

Keep in touch

If you’re moving a longer distance from your current town or city, then making sure your child stays in contact with their friends is important. Make the effort to arrange playdates at your new home, so your child doesn’t feel like they’ve completely left their old life behind – this can also help eliminate any worry about starting a new school, by knowing they still have a close group of friends they can turn to. Keeping your old life and new life linked in some way will be a source of comfort for your child.

It’s important that you have a good plan in place for your removal, so you can prioritise a little more time for your child during this time. Essex Removals is an experienced and reliable removals company who can help you do just that. From packing to transport we’ve got it covered, so sit back and let us ease the stress of your move with the expertise of our professional team. For more information about our services contact us today.


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