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Tips for Making Friends in a New City

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Moving to a new city is an incredibly exciting venture – whether it’s just an hour down the road or across the globe. However, it can also be daunting for many. From finding a new job and getting to know the new area to settling into a new property, moving to a brand new place can be challenging to say the least.

Striking up friendships in a brand new city can be tricky. However, as social beings, it’s important that we form some connections and make some friends to hang out with. Below, we’ve put together our top tips for making friends in a new city.

Join a class

A great way to make friends in a new area is to join a few local classes. This could be a gym class, a drawing class, a language class, a yoga class or an arts class. Taking part in a class is a great opportunity to get chatting to other people with similar interests to you and learn a skill at the same time.

Use an app

Just like dating, you can use apps to make friends and find people similar to you too. There are lots of different apps for you to try that can help you to make some like-minded friends. Apps to try include Citysocialiser, Meetup and Bumble. Even chatting to people via these apps can make you feel less lonely and help you to settle in better – plus, they might have some great tips for the area.

Reach out at work

Some of your best friends in life are made at work. When you start a new job, make the effort to get to know your colleagues. If someone asks if you’d like to grab lunch with them, why not? Try to say yes to out-of-work plans and take the time to get to know your coworkers – before you know it, they could be good friends.

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