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Tips for Moving Internationally

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Whether you’re moving abroad for work or pleasure, the process doesn’t have to be a huge, complicated one. It’s all in the planning.

Start Early

Last minute travel and booking a removal service will always cost more than if you’re starting long before the move date. As soon as you know when and where you’re going, call for a removal service and plan your pickup.

Planning early will also allow you to save up some money for the big day. You’ll want to have some cash to start out with and by starting a few months ahead of time, you can budget for moving properly. You should also have an emergency fund, in case things go poorly.

Decide What Stays

Are you going to take everything you own with you on your move? If you’re only going for a year or two, it may be more practical to store some items for your return. Don’t forget to budget storage facilities when planning your move.

Go through your home and choose which items will stay. You can make it easier by using coloured dot stickers to mark items for moving, storing and selling.

Sell Unwanted Items

Your move will go much smoother if you eliminate anything that is unnecessary. There’s no point in packing up the sculpture your uncle left you years ago if you hate it and hide it in the garage anyway. Instead of storing unwanted items or moving them, just get rid of them.

An online or personal sale can be helpful in ridding your home of unwanted items, but you’ll probably have a few things leftover. Sell these in lots, such as a box of books for a few pounds, or just donate them somewhere they can be used. The idea is to get them out of your house.

Choose the Right Removal Company

Ideally, the removal company you hire should be experienced with international moves. Ask if they provide extra services, such as packing materials and even packing up your items. If you can, have professionals handle the packing for you. This will speed things up and it also relieves a lot of the stress around the move.

Take the Time to Say Goodbye

Moving can be such a whirlwind that you’re bound to find yourself forgetting things here and there. Don’t let saying goodbye be one of the forgotten things. Schedule time to go and visit those who can’t make it to you. It’s worth holding a farewell party so all your friends and family can see you off, as well. This is far easier to do if you have movers handling all the packing and transportation of your goods.

Moving internationally shouldn’t be stressful. Let us help. Get in touch with us at Essex Removals today for an estimate.


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