Tips for Moving Your Office

Whether you’ve outgrown your office or want to downsize, moving an entire office can be challenging.

Plan Ahead

There’s a lot of equipment to move in an office and much of it is sensitive to changes in weather. Computers, copiers, and similar items need to be handled very carefully since they are fragile and even jostling may cause issues. They’ll need to be carefully packaged and moved gently.

In addition to planning the actual move, you need to have a plan once you arrive in the new office. Where will everything and everyone go? Do you have the boxes properly labelled? It’s best to have a good idea of what the new office layout is like and to plan it all out to avoid as much confusion as possible on moving day.

Put Someone in Charge

Just like other aspects of your business, moving requires having a manager who will ensure everything is taken care of. This doesn’t necessarily have to be one of your employees. In fact, it can even be the removal company, if they offer packing services.

Have Everyone Pack Their Desk

To avoid confusion and complaints of missing items, make sure everyone has enough boxes to pack up their own desk and let them label it themselves. This way, there’s no mistake and everyone knows exactly what is where. If anything goes missing, it’s on the person who packed it . . . the owner of the desk.

Make a Map

All the electronic equipment in an office is linked to each other somehow these days. From the router to the computers and phones, it’s something that needs to be moved and reattached or set up properly at the other end. Have your IT people make a map of all the equipment and how it connects so they can reconnect fairly rapidly when they get to the new office.

Clear the Clutter

This is the perfect time to eliminate all the items you’ve been thinking of getting rid of. The squeaky chair no one wants, the obsolete computers that keep piling up in the closet, etc. You can sell or recycle them, but don’t take them with you to the new office. This is time for a new beginning, without the weight of all that useless stuff dragging you down.

Moving your entire office is not an easy task, but it is something that most companies have to do at some point. As long as you have a plan and a great company to back you up, you will find it goes smoother than anticipated.

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