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Tips for Staging a Home for Sale

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Tips for Staging a Home for Sale

Are you planning to move? Before you call in the house movers, you’ll need to sell your existing home. There are quite a few tricks to help you sell your house faster and one of these is to stage your home. Here we’ll share some of the best ways to ensure your home is ready to impress.

Remove Any Personal Items

Anything that shows who lives in the house should be tucked away. You want the space to feel like a dream home for the buyer, which means giving them the tools they need to imagine it as theirs. Your family photos will detract from that, so hide those away and replace them with neutral art.

Make Bedrooms Feel Like Hotel Rooms

Setting up the bedrooms as a hotel room will make the space feel more luxurious and appealing. You can do this by keeping the decor simple, making up the bed professionally, and adding a candle or flowers to the bedside table. For inspiration, look at pictures from high-end hotels and copy what makes them feel luxurious.

Add Seating

In luxurious homes, bedrooms almost always have a seating area. You can replicate this by putting in a bench, an armchair, or some other simple sitting space for the staging. It will help buyers see the home as more valuable and can even help increase the number of offers you receive on the house.

Bring in More Plants

Greenery makes a home feel fuller and more appealing. It’s a simple addition to make when staging the home and you can add in a number of plants to help the space feel more natural and welcoming. However, you should look at larger plants, as they help fill in the empty spaces and tend to draw the eye more. You also need fewer of them to make an impression.

Clear the Bookshelves

Instead of leaving bookshelves packed with books, choose a few of the nicest looking ones to stay and then fill in the gaps with art and elegant knick-knacks. These will help give a nice impression and people will be more likely to imagine themselves in the home.

Use Neutral Colours

In most cases, you’ll need to repaint the house in order to sell it. This is the perfect time to go with neutral colours. You can either stick to the usual all-white or off-white walls, or you can choose beige and grey as your background paints. The idea is to keep it light and bright, while not influencing what people might think of when they first see the space. A bright or bold colour can cause them to hesitate, even though it is easily changed.

First impressions matter and you should be aware of the impression your home is giving to the future buyer. With these tips, you’ll soon be looking for a removal service and planning your own house moving soon enough.

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