Tips On How To Pack Jewellery For Safe Transport

Whether you are travelling to another country or sending a stunning gift to a loved one, how you package a piece of jewellry for safe transport abroad is extremely important. Imagine the look on your dear mother’s face when they excitedly open a present from their daughter and find out that it’s a smashed pair of earrings?

Here are some excellent tips to ensure that your packaged jewellry will get to its destination safe and sound:

Tangle City

Just like how a pair of in-ear headphones or an overloaded power adapter extension cable can suddenly turn into a Gordian Knot, jewellry such as necklaces and chains are a nightmare to untangle. Not only does this waste your time and effort untying it, the aesthetic effect of opening it as a present is diminished. For longer jewellry try threading it through a plastic drinking straw before clipping it back together – simple, effective and cheap!

Jewelry Box

Ever taken a jewellry box on holiday? I bet you were thrilled when you were getting ready for your first night out, and you discovered that all that movement during transport had mixed everything together? The solution to this is easy – cling film! Just open the box and place a sheet of cling film between the joints and over all the individual compartments. This simple tip will stop all your jewelry from flying in all directions as soon as your 747 takes off.


How many single earrings do you have because you’ve somehow managed to lose the other one? If you are heading off on an international trip, effectively ruining a whole set of earrings (who would wear only one earring?) is even easier to do. A cool tip to prevent these married-for-life jewellry pieces getting seperated is to stick both of them through a spare button. This will keep them both together in your bag and ready to put on before you can say ‘dinner party’.

Expensive Jewellry

If you are posting jewellry that is very expensive or has enormous sentimental value, you may wish to consider hiring a specialist company. It can be hard to let something so important out of your sight but if you have to make sure that you do your homework. There are quality international transport business’s out there, you just need to find one! Pay particular attention to their packaging, insurance policies and reputation for lost goods and damages. Oh, and research whether you have to pay tax if delivering to another country – you don’t want any hidden surprises when the package arrives at its destination country. Nothing takes out the romance of receiving a beautiful diamond ring than being asked to stump up hundreds of pounds or dollars of import tax.


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