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Tips on Moving Your Home Gym Equipment

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Tips on Moving Your Home Gym Equipment

Home gyms are ideal for those who want to stay fit from the comfort of their own home.

Nowadays, the majority of gym equipment can be kept at home – be it the treadmill, exercise bikes or weightlifting machines – which can make moving gyms a challenging task.

Gym equipment is often bulky and delicate which means it must be handled correctly to prevent any damages.

While it is recommended that you hire a professional removal company to safely handle all of your heavy gym equipment to ensure a secure and easy move, there are several things you can do to prepare your gym for the move.

Clean and Sanitise Your Gym Equipment Before the Move

Cleaning and sanitising your gym equipment is vital in preventing old bacteria and germs from travelling from your old gym to your new one.

Use an all-purpose cleaner with paper towels to wipe down yoga mats and handrails of all your gym equipment to ensure that it is fresh and clean for your new home.

Organise Weights

Weights are easier to carry when in groups, so it is a good idea to assemble your weights by their size.

Don’t worry too much about the heavier weights, our packing and moving experts at Essex Removals will use the best packing materials to safely transport your weights without any hassle.

Stationary Bicycle

The best way to prepare your stationary bicycle for the move is by securing any moving parts using a bungee cord. If your bike is electric, simply unplug it from the wall and carefully coil the cord. Secure the cable tie and affix the cord to the body of the bicycle with tape and we will handle the rest.


To prepare your treadmill for the move, unplug it from the wall and coil the cord. Ensure that it is secured by taping it down with a cable tie. Tape the cord to the base of the treadmill so it’s out of the way. If you can, fold the treadmill down and secure it with cable ties.

Weightlifting Machine

Weightlifting machines are big and bulky so they are the biggest challenge to move.

The best way to move them is by dismantling them. If you are unsure how to do this, our removal team at Essex Removals can take everything apart and put it back together in your new gym.

Hire a Professional Removal Company

The best way to ensure that your gym equipment is safely and securely transported to your new gym is by using a professional removal company.

We have an experienced team at Essex Removals who are equipped to deal with all of your moving needs, from overseas european removals to specialist mover services.

If you are interested in our high quality removal services, get in touch with us here today!


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