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Tips to Help You Prepare for your Essex Relocation

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Preparing to relocate can be a tough job, with so many things to take care of. It involves a lot of mental, emotional and financial preparation for a successful and seamless move. Here are some tips from Essex Removal Service and Co. to help and guide you through the process.

1) Take finances into consideration

Moving to a new location can cost you more than you think, with so many factors, such as logistics, storage, refurbishing the new home before moving in and even some hidden charges and ugly surprises in store. So, you must be prepared financially to handle it all. Saving for it beforehand can significantly reduce the stress on your bank account.

2) Look for deals on big expenses

Relocating can turn out to be a truly expensive affair and so it helps even if you can manage to save a little here and there. Look for deals on household removals or packing and transportation on the popular classifieds or use Google for a little research. You’ll also come across reviews that will help you make an informed decision.

3) Pack the things that you really need, not just everything

This is, perhaps, the biggest challenge of relocating and it’s something you can’t avoid.  Before you start packing, consider what you can and cannot take along. Certain things like heavy furniture and electronics may be outdated. Also, if you’re relocating to a fully furnished space, maybe you no longer need them anyway. The less you carry, the easier it is. However, if you have to bring heavy or valuable items, such as artwork or a piano, consider looking for a specialist mover.

4) Get in touch with your removals service well in advance

Whenever you’re planning something big that has a fixed deadline, it is always advisable that you take action well ahead of time. Most providers of removal services are booked during the beginning and end of every month. For a hassle-free home removal process, book it beforehand. You will avoid the rush, and who knows you might even end up with an early bird discount.

5) Notify people about your new address

As soon as you get your new address, make sure you notify all the important people about the change. Also, don’t miss out on updating your new address on your bank details. This sounds pretty basic, but many people forget this, especially if they are moving to a nearby location. However, taking care of this can prevent you from missing out on important mail and correspondence.

6)  Allow yourself time to settle in

If you’re relocating to another city or even country, be prepared for the fact that you won’t feel at home right from day one and that’s okay. Don’t rush into things and make sure you allow yourself some time to settle in. If you’re relocating for a new job, plan to move at least a few days earlier than your date of joining.

A little planning can go a long way in making a hassle free relocation. If you’re currently residing in Essex, London or anywhere in the South East, and are planning to relocate, get in touch with Essex Removal Service & Co. Ltd for stress-free removal, storage and shipping services. We provide domestic as well as commercial removal services and overseas European removals too. Call us now on 01708722277.


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