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Top 5 Tips For A Countryside Move

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Top 5 Tips For A Countryside Move

Whether you’re ditching the big smoke for work, family, or in search of a more peaceful existence, swapping the city for a quieter life should be exciting not stressful. Of course, no big change is complete without its ups and downs, but aside from finding your local pub and figuring out a great takeaway, what are the best ways to make a move to the countryside easy?


No matter where you’re headed, be it to Chelmsford or beyond, moving house is a big task. There’s a lot to consider and it can feel totally overwhelming at times. But, beyond that seemingly endless ‘to-do’ list, are great new things. Finding a reliable removal company who can cater to all your needs is a must. As well as considering the obvious things, such as budget, container storage and move-date, be sure to choose movers that alleviate the stress and don’t add to it!

And Plan Some More!

It can’t be emphasised enough how much planning ahead works to reduce the pressure that often comes with a big move. Give yourself plenty of time to organise and box your possessions. Choose which are essential, and which you could do without for a day or two as you find your feet and unpack. Work through it all systematically and, if there’s a lot to do, hire some help! Professional packing services are the best way to save time and give you peace of mind that everything will arrive in one piece.

Join A Local Forum

The best part of a move is discovering everything your local area has to offer. From your new go-to coffee shop, to a great night out, it’s important to know which spots you should be checking out and which ones to avoid.

Online forums and community groups are a really easy way to find your feet in a new place. They’re full of invaluable advice, honest opinions and, more often than not, genuinely helpful locals. Just type the name of your new town into Google or Facebook and you’ll find loads of information!

Know Your Area

One of the best ways to feel at home (and get to know the place) is by walking. Yes, it sounds simple, doesn’t it? But walking routes are a brilliant way to get your bearings and meet new people. Why not have a look around those online forums for suggestions? The countryside is full of areas of natural beauty; be it an evening stroll or a weekend hike, you’re guaranteed to feel more at home if you go out and explore! It’s great for the body, and the mind!

Give Yourself Time (And Space)

Nobody likes to rush, and when you’ve got a million things on your mind it’s important to feel in control. Utilising containerised storage facilities is a great way to alleviate the pressure of a big move once you’re in your new home.

Keeping things in storage, even if it’s just for a short period of time, gives you a chance to arrange your new home without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by clutter. Whether you’re an interior design guru or a secret hoarder, nobody wants to be climbing over boxes to put the kettle on…

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