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Top Five Cities to Move to According to International Removal Experts

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Taking the leap of faith to move abroad is never going to be easy, from leaving your friends and family, to discovering to a whole new culture and, in some cases, language; moving abroad can be, for many, a pipe dream rather than a reality.

Of course, an amalgamation of emotions like anticipation and nervousness can overshadow the feelings of excitement. No wonder many who dream of moving to some far-flung destination stop in their tracks before taking flight. This could be due to lack of preparation, feeling like they aren’t ‘ready’, and also the fear that they will miss home comforts too much and not enjoy themselves whilst they are out there.

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry. Truthfully, you can always talk yourself into thinking you are never ready for something, but you could miss the most amazing opportunities and experiences that can occur from major life milestones and being thrown into the deep end.

Of course, when moving abroad and starting a new life – a great way to immerse yourself, and lessen any overwhelming feelings, is to follow in the footsteps of others and move to a fun, exciting and culturally vibrant city. Below, as international removalists, we have concocted together our favourite five cities that have been the most popular to move to, whether you are twenty years of age or in your retirement. We have picked these cities below that we think would suit young and old personalities.

Florence, Italy

If you have dreamt of parading around Palazzo’s and indulging in silky gelato, fresh pasta and cannolis all day long – then Florence is the perfect place for you. Petite but packed with culture, Florence is ideal for those individuals who want to move to a small and bustling city that is luxurious, artistic and romantic – without the hefty prices of Paris or the busyness of Rome.

Proclaimed the beating heart of the Renaissance, Florence was home to a range of the world’s most prolific and talented artists, including Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. This artistic hub made Florence a fashionable destination for wealthy patrons and their families. Infact, Florence and fashion also have a great relationship, with designers like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, Capucci and Salvatore Ferragamo proclaiming that this city is their home.

If you belong to an older generation, Florence is a great city to move to as you can easily explore the verdant surrounding landscape of Tuscany. Take a retro Fiat and explore ancient Italian villas, wineries and churches, or neighbouring elegant towns like Bagno a Ripoli, Montaigne and Malmantile.

Top Sites

Of course, when you first arrive in a new city that you will be living in – you will need time to feel like a tourist for the first few days. Below are our top picks that Florence has to offer:

  • Uffizi Gallery

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

  • Ponte Vecchio

  • Palazzo Vecchio

  • Pitti Palace

  • Giotto’s Bell Tower

  • The Boboli Gardens

Career Prospects

Though it can be easy to wrap yourself in a Renaissance dream and look through life in rose-tinted glasses (which can be easy in Florence), you need to consider your career prospects too. Florence is a great city for freelance writers, pre-established bloggers and content creators. However, it is vital that you learn and are fairly confident in Italian before you go, as this will widen your job prospects. Plus, as Florence is a very touristy in the height of summer, English speaking roles will be in abundance in the tourism and hospitality industries. Rent and bills can be expensive, so make sure to stick to a budget and arrive with more than a few pounds in your pocket.

Berlin, Germany

A city with a dark historical and political past, but a bright and socially progressive future is Berlin. This lively city features on our list because it is a great choice for students, young adults and also families to move to.

Berlin is a city with plenty to write home about, from ornate Prussian architecture to an urban underground scene – Berlin is perfect for foodies, writers, creatives and business people; and in comparison to other capital cities in Europe, it is more cost-effective.

Despite Berlin being both a capital and vibrant city, it never feels overcrowded or has the tiring hustle and bustle of London. The city has a sense of calm imbued within its streets, and feels perfectly safe to walk and cycle around. Therefore, this makes it a prime choice for those who want to move to a city that is fun, diverse and has its own sense of identity.

Top Sites

It won’t be surprising that Berlin has a wealth of exciting sites at its fingertips. Below are our picks:

  • Brandenburg Gate

  • Reichstag Building

  • Berliner Fernsehturm

  • East Side Gallery

  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

  • Checkpoint Charlie

Career Prospects

Berlin is known for having a thriving start-up and artistic scene – with trendy cafes, chic shops, tech giants and thought-provoking museums. As English is widely spoken here, you don’t need to be too concerned about language barriers, however, learning some German would be essential to finding your feet and meeting new people. Many major worldwide companies like Amazon, Zalando, Soundcloud, Wayfair and have offices in Berlin that have a large international contingent of employees.

Melbourne, Australia

Though many would instantly think of moving to Sydney when considering Australia, in fact, it is Melbourne that is considered greater to live in. We aren’t alone in thinking that Melbourne is a great city to move to; in fact, it has been voted by the Economist Intelligence Unit as 2nd place in the world’s most liveable cities. This is due to its connotations of being the cultural capital of Australia and having outstanding healthcare, eateries, job prospects and more. Though, despite this, Sydney isn’t far behind, coming 3rd in the same list.

Melbourne is a favourite for outdoor adventurers like divers, swimmers and surfers as well as cultural cravers. Melbourne is home to the Australian Ballet, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Film Industry, and a range of international music and film festivals.

Top Sites

Though Melbourne may not have as recognisable sites as Sydney, it still is as populous and has plenty of sites that pull in tourists and expats all year round.

  • Queen Victoria Market

  • Federation Square

  • Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

  • Yarra Valley

  • Yarra River

  • National Gallery of Victoria

Career Prospects

If you are relocating from Melbourne from London, you will instantly notice plenty of benefits, from cleaner air, more sunshine, better healthcare and cheaper property to name a few!

One of the great things about moving to Melbourne is that you don’t need to worry about learning another language, and thus avoiding feeling a little lyrically lost when you first arrive. For those who specialise in agriculture and mining, Melbourne is a great place to be for these careers. What’s more, the service sector like finance, education, healthcare, logistics and tourism are also great industries to pursue when finding a job.

Vancouver, Canada

A stunning blend of city and nature, Vancouver is a modern metropolis that is surrounded by lakes and harbours in the Pacific Ocean and the picturesque Coast Mountains. Vancouver is the perfect combination of laid back vibes, connection with nature, and also the glittering reflections of skyscrapers; making it an idyllic destination for students, young professionals, families and the retired.

Not only is Vancouver famed for its one-of-a-kind scenery, but it also holds the key to plenty of new adventures and has a myriad of delicious drink and dine eateries.

Top sites

Though Vancouver is an incredible sight to behold in itself, there are a range of great places to visit whilst you live there:

  • Stanley Park

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

  • Granville Island

  • English Bay

  • Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

  • Vancouver Art Gallery

  • Museum of Anthropology

Career Prospects

It’s easy to relocate anywhere if you are a digital nomad, yet Vancouver offers this and plenty of other opportunities. A thriving city, Vancouver holds plenty of opportunity in arts and music, in fact being dubbed the “Hollywood North” with over 20,000 jobs in the film and tv industry.

What’s more, as Vancouver is also known for having a very high standard of living it has a growing technology sector and a vibrant tech start-up scene. For finance aficionado’s, Vancouver will also seem attractive, with the headquarters of HSBC Canada in its downtown vicinity. However, like San Francisco and New York, Vancouver isn’t a penny-pinching city to live in, in fact, it is definitely the opposite. Vancouver is known for having a fairly high rent and house prices – so you need to make sure that you are heading there with a healthy bank account.

Seoul, South Korea

If you really want a sense of adventure, why not move to Seoul in South Korea? Seoul is a fast-paced, pop-culture heavy city that harmonies both history and modernity. Fast subways and ostentatious skyscrapers pepper the landscape, with hidden Buddhist temples, ornate palaces and ancient street markets underneath.

Priding itself on being fashion and technology forward, Seoul is a great dynamic place for young professionals to live. Here, you can taste the very best in authentic Korean cuisine whilst looking at it’s glittering city lights at night – just think of all of the kimchi you can eat under the stars!

Seoul is also rich in culture too, a 600-year-old heritage village called Bukchon Hanok sits just outside it, as well as 14th-century palaces and eclectic shopping districts.

Top Sites

If you really want to see what Seoul has to offer, take a look below:

  • N Seoul Tower

  • Myeong-dong

  • Bukchon Hanok village

  • Changdeokgung

  • Cheonggyecheon

  • Namdaemun Market

  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Career Prospects

Seoul’s capital city credentials mean that it has plenty of big names located there – a great marker for employment. A hub for technology, it is a great place for those who are more inclined towards the tech side of life, with Samsung headquarters, LG, Hyundai and Kia. For travellers and thrill-seekers, why not teach English in Seoul?

Though, like most capital cities, Seoul will be more expensive than other cities in South Korea, however, in comparison to capital and major cities in Europe and in America – Seoul will offer a much easier and cheaper way of life.

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