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Top Locations to Move to in Europe

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From young adults to retired couples, moving abroad is a step that many of us take to escape the everyday, same-old, hustle and bustle of life. Whether you need a new career opportunity, are looking for an area with good schools, somewhere with a high standard of living or somewhere just happier than your current situation, this blog explores European cities outside of the UK that manage to tick most of the boxes.

Vienna, Austria

Reaching number one on many “best cities to live in the world” lists, Vienna remains one of the few classical European capital cities that’s still affordable and is about 36% cheaper to live in than London. Praised for its security, public transport and diversity, the Austrian capital is also full of opportunity, with a large number of corporations based there and nine international schools with impressive education to suit a range of budgets.

Zurich, Switzerland

As a global centre for banking and finance, Zurich is a city in Switzerland that is rich in natural beauty alongside opportunity, high wages and education. Although Zurich is an expensive city to live in, you definitely get what you pay for, with great hospitals, safe roads and culturally-rich sites. Essentially, Zurich has a high quality of life. With lakes, unique architecture and only being a stone’s throw away from the mountains, Zurich is the first choice for many.

Munich, Germany

This quaint, Germanic city is more than just Oktoberfest! Munich is Germany’s third largest city and boasts a relaxed atmosphere with a thriving economy, and will often rank highly on lists focused on moving abroad. Filled with cultural institutions and Germanic architecture combined with investing in advanced technologies and many career opportunities, Munich easily blends the old and the new. It also blends sun and ski; the summers reach 25 degrees Celsius on average but the city is only an hour’s train ride from the Bavarian mountains.

Aalborg or Copenhagen, Denmark

Both of these cities rank number 1 and 2 respectively on many “happiest places to live” lists. Although happiness is subjective, the Danish have a way of living called Hygge which focuses on positivity, well-being, comforts and spending time with who matters most – essentially, the small joys and happiness that life can bring.

Not only are they the happiest places in the world to live, these cities also boast spectacular beauty, a vibrant business community and a high quality of life in every aspect.

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