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Top Tips For Moving House Over Christmas

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Top Tips For Moving House Over Christmas

We don’t always get the final say in when we move house and oftentimes you may need to do it over the Christmas period. This can add twice the amount of stress to your plate trying to keep things organised enough to enjoy Christmas.


If you do need to move during the month of December, here are our top tips to help you stay organised.

Make a detailed plan

The best way to stay organised is to make a detailed plan with a timeline that will help you be as prepared as possible. As soon as you know the rough time frame of your move, you can begin to organise when you will need to do things and how long you will have to pack. Try and plan to pack each room up by a certain date so you can stay on top of your timeline.

Book a removal company

Try to book your removal van as early as possible as they tend to get booked up quite quickly during this time of year. You can ask for quotes from several removal companies and decide which one will suit you best. Don’t forget to look at reviews and testimonials to see what other people say about their efficiency and professionalism.

Take the opportunity to declutter

We could all use a declutter before Christmas as we tend to get bombarded with new gifts, particularly if you have children. Take the time to reduce your belongings as much as possible so you aren’t moving with stuff you don’t actually need. Send them to a good home by selling online, at a car boot sale or giving to a charity shop.

Consider letting your children stay with relatives

For many kids, Christmas is a special time of year and combining it with a house move can cause them to be very unsettled. Rather than having to worry about your children during the move, let them stay with friends or relatives until all your stuff is moved and settled in. It will feel much more like a holiday if they get to stay somewhere else.

Be prepared for winter

One thing you need to consider when moving in December is the unpredictably bad weather. Keep salt or grit and hand shovels on hand in case of any snow or ice so you’re able to clear pathways. This keeps you and your removal company safe when packing and unpacking the van. It’s also helpful to have torches on hand when the nights draw in earlier.


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