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Top Tips for Moving House with a Pet

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Top Tips for Moving House with a Pet

Whilst you are engrossed with the preparations and stress of moving house, it is often easy to forget how this big change could affect your little pets.

Animals’ homes are often their safe place. They begin to associate the smell, sound and feel of your home with a feeling of comfort and safety, so it is important to take steps to ensure that your pets can easily adjust to this big change in their life.

Here are some tips to help reduce your pets stress during the move.


Although this may be difficult on moving days, try to keep your pets routine the same as normal. You can do this by feeding your pet at the same time, taking it for walks at the usual time etc.

Be reassuring

Only you know how best to comfort your pet, so make sure you give them extra love and attention on the days leading up to the move. You could give your pet treats, however, overly fussing on moving day could make your pet think something is wrong.

Set up a comfortable place for pets on arrival

On moving day, find somewhere quiet and out of the way for your pet to go. Surround them with their favourite things to help them feel more at ease.

Unpack your dog’s belongings first

Unpacking your pets belongings will provide a sense of familiarity in their new environment, which could help with easing their anxiety. Make sure to bring in blankets and toys that smell like home as this will help your pet to associate their new home with a feeling of safety.

If you have a dog, you could try “scent-swapping” in which you rub a cloth on your dog’s face and then onto the furniture in the new house, to help spread their scent around. This may seem strange but will be reassuring and calming to your pet.

Keep cats indoors

It’s a good idea to keep your cat inside for the first few weeks after moving house, to help them adjust to their new environment.

Cats can be more stressed and need more time to get their bearings than dogs, so it is best to wait until they have settled in first.

Keeping meal times the same will help settle them as they’ll recognise their old routine. Once you start letting them out, do so on an empty stomach so they get used to returning to their new home to be fed.

Tell your removal company about any pets included in your move

Make sure to inform your removal service that you are transporting pets so that they can give you recommendations on how best to transport them. The company may need special equipment or to refer you to a specialist removal service.

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