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Top Tips For Moving House

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Top Tips For Moving House

It’s exciting to move house, though it does require a lot of planning along the way. Speaking to expert movers should be near the top of your list, though there is so much more to it than that, especially if you are relocating from city to city. You need to get as organised as possible at an early stage to make the big move as exciting as it deserves to be, and here are just some of the ways in which you can plan for a property relocation.

Start Early

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving three houses down the road, or if you’re relocating to an entirely new part of the country – you need to start early. You may choose to pack up objects yourself, or even hire experts to clear the house as an alternative. Depending on the size of your home you may even need over a month to completely gather everything together, making early preparation an absolute essential. Plan room-by-room and organise as soon in the process as you possibly can for a thorough procedure, ensuring no essentials are accidentally left behind.

Declutter And Pack What You Don’t Need First

Moving to a new house actually gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter. Nobody needs to take unwanted items with them to their new house, so simply pack the things that you don’t need daily, such as sentimental objects, seasonal items and even things in the kitchen that you don’t plan to use until moving day. You can make sure that the packing process is streamlined by organising such items into specific assigned areas.

One Room At A Time

Take your time here, because packing can be a long-winded process, and you will need to track and label everything. All of your boxes should be labelled with the room it is for, with a list taped to the top of the inside of the box with what the belongings are. If you go one room at a time, you can literally tick off your organisational skills as you go.

Hold A Sale

As you get closer to moving day, host a sale so that you can get rid of all of the old and unwanted items you don’t want to bring, but are still in good enough condition that they can be sold in the first place. Doing this close to moving day will mean you have enough time to actually move, while also gathering some cash to help. Do you require a helping hand with your house move? Consult Essex Removals today, and make the most of our experienced professionals.


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